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  • Prabal Singh Tewatia
    Prabal Singh Tewatia4 gün önce

    My fav part 15:15

    ZEUS HERE7 gün önce

    Guy: takes in 800g carbs and staying lean Me: See's a candy bar and instantly gets belly fat

  • Ben 9
    Ben 97 gün önce

    800 g of carbs daily plus 1000 g of roids. How is he this lean ?

  • scoddi Adventures
    scoddi Adventures10 gün önce

    Larry Wheels has the strongest one

  • Ben 9
    Ben 918 gün önce

    '800g of carbs daily.... and he's still not injured"

  • TheDeadking100
    TheDeadking10019 gün önce

    the guy was completely lost during the intro xD

  • TheLegend TV1
    TheLegend TV120 gün önce


  • ihoop For fun
    ihoop For fun20 gün önce

    Who peeped the lady in the dress trynna take pictures 😂

  • Carlos Amaral
    Carlos Amaral21 gün önce

    If I eat 800 grams of carbs I bloat so much I can probably fly like a baloon... Seriously, 800 grams of carbs = 3200 calories. Just carbs. That's an engine, not a metabolism...

  • Xerxess Respawn
    Xerxess Respawn21 gün önce

    Time to wake up!

  • Xerxess Respawn
    Xerxess Respawn21 gün önce


  • dolphin082
    dolphin08222 gün önce

    Bodybuilder doing 5 plates on incline. Not for everyone.

  • Jason Fournier
    Jason Fournier22 gün önce


  • Iam Ale
    Iam Ale22 gün önce

    dajeeee Aleee

  • MRPmatt
    MRPmatt22 gün önce

    Lying about his carbs lol

  • Lil Rascal
    Lil Rascal23 gün önce

    Dude needs to thicken his neck

  • steve veigas
    steve veigas24 gün önce

    larrys the best man

  • hishan fernando
    hishan fernando24 gün önce

    Alessandro: nice? Larry: yeah nice! xD

  • Сергей Ершов
    Сергей Ершов24 gün önce

    illogical training

  • raheel saleem
    raheel saleem24 gün önce

    I really hate people like kenny ko and brad castleberry ... But when i see larry wheels and how he speaks and how he,s down to earth no attitude no bullshit no look at me look at me .. no hype and no drama .. you just can't hate this guy ..

  • Jack Off
    Jack Off24 gün önce

    The secret is growth hormone lol.

  • Ashutosh Kashyup
    Ashutosh Kashyup24 gün önce

    Interesting !

    MIC 1 CHANNEL24 gün önce

    Larry's like :ok were going to warm up with these little 500 lbs dumbbells ok!

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha24 gün önce

    Is Larry left handed

  • Werner Bro
    Werner Bro24 gün önce

    Larry should watch magnis samuelsson casually straight bar curl 140kg for 4 easy reps. And thst was not his PR. Bodyweight 140kg height 6t6

  • Samajdar Pagal
    Samajdar Pagal24 gün önce

    what a strength Larry, you guys are impressive

  • Options _
    Options _25 gün önce

    Cross over everyone will wait for the rock, Larry and Simeon having a workout sesh 😌

  • Hendy Yo
    Hendy Yo25 gün önce

    That is Andredeiu at behind? 😁✌🏻

  • David Zamora
    David Zamora25 gün önce

    800 grams of carbs a day and he’s lean means he’s using insulin. Only way to ingest that many carbs and still stay lean. Very dangerous but very effective.

  • Sage 1
    Sage 125 gün önce

    I only watched less than two minutes of this video,buy didn't hear larry mention about that guy's pec tear. Wonder why.

  • The Dark Dwight
    The Dark Dwight25 gün önce

    They both look really good and lean, like the Arnold era 70's 80's, no bloat and great proportions.

  • Martín Lopez
    Martín Lopez25 gün önce

    Titttle: Steroids

  • daniel ciohodaru
    daniel ciohodaru25 gün önce

    Deiu is chilling in the back =))

  • Pawel
    Pawel25 gün önce

    0:36 music please 🙂

  • TruthHurts 18
    TruthHurts 1825 gün önce

    Hey guys, if you can read this go to Larry's previous video and donate to Ryan to help with medical bills and rehab. Seems like Larry is ready to move on already

  • Fat Fawk

    Fat Fawk

    22 gün önce

    @TruthHurts 18 shut up dawg

  • TruthHurts 18

    TruthHurts 18

    24 gün önce

    @Fat Fawk don't cry bro

  • Fat Fawk

    Fat Fawk

    24 gün önce

    btw he mentioned that at 12:30 make sure to watch the full video next time

  • Fat Fawk

    Fat Fawk

    24 gün önce

    no he's not and they already raised the money and reached the goal

  • Ricardo Lafou
    Ricardo Lafou25 gün önce

    800 gram carbs and this lean. Oh yeah and steroids ofcourse.

  • Worldwide Fitness
    Worldwide Fitness25 gün önce

    Strong Man 😍

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol25 gün önce

    Larry muscles is made of steel do not break easily he super human strength and muscles..💪 pls have mercy do not torture this guy🤕🤣🤣

  • koushik Baishya
    koushik Baishya25 gün önce

    Larry plz creat a home workout without any gym equipment....plz 🙏

  • Himanshu Roy
    Himanshu Roy25 gün önce

    because of you

  • Ayva
    Ayva26 gün önce

    Cihangir Kennedy ne ara vücut yapmış

  • Marco Sorrentino
    Marco Sorrentino26 gün önce

    Larry's too tough for all these suckers who come on screen with him. Especially these wanna be bodybuilder - he wipes the dust with'em.

  • Kristine Larioza
    Kristine Larioza26 gün önce

    larry is a monster dont workout with him 😂 your next

  • Luis Nunez
    Luis Nunez26 gün önce

    Great vlog as always take care bro.

  • iSlay
    iSlay26 gün önce

    Italian man on steroids gynoooo

    JETKUNEDO FİGHT&TV26 gün önce

    Tenks Larry

  • firdaus lemkova
    firdaus lemkova26 gün önce

    Please come in indonesia and meet with the big pro muscle from bali IGEDZ , he's famous bodybuilder from indonesia


    Make earthquake the ref for mmt vs devon.

  • Thiefu-Ś
    Thiefu-Ś26 gün önce

    who from AJ the polish amercian and the KFD guys?

  • rayat06
    rayat0626 gün önce

    Hey Larry, from the previous videos it would be cool if you did a "How to Spot Video" on different types of movements and machines. Just a thought

  • unicorn 十九
    unicorn 十九26 gün önce


  • Martinez Zambrano Alejandro
    Martinez Zambrano Alejandro26 gün önce

    Grande larry, gracias por los subtítulos en español

  • Ahmed Albutayshi
    Ahmed Albutayshi26 gün önce

    Where is Joe Lindner ? We need him to collab with Larry please

  • PEPS ///
    PEPS ///26 gün önce

    Has the world not learned from rich piana & ton of others who lost their life on steroids. It's not worth it.

  • Yasar Arafath
    Yasar Arafath26 gün önce

    Next victim!

  • Ulysses Morando
    Ulysses Morando26 gün önce

    Alessandro Cavagnola is ⚔💣💥!

  • Salmon
    Salmon26 gün önce


  • devi devito
    devi devito26 gün önce

    larry more levan saginashvili plzzzzz bro !

  • Hüseyin Pirazov
    Hüseyin Pirazov26 gün önce

    Lerry please don't kill this guy

  • Sovs
    Sovs26 gün önce

    On roids, your diet can be pure crap and you will still see good results, while you rot from the inside out. The bill comes after 40. And you will be 40 before you know it. Mark my words. I know several guys who lost respect for roids, many of them are already gone.

  • Bristoń, The Law of Jealousies
    Bristoń, The Law of Jealousies26 gün önce

    They should all begin by telling we done how much drugs they take and only than food. All this to easy

  • Worldwide Fitness
    Worldwide Fitness26 gün önce

    Funniest guy in bodybuilding life ❤

  • Yurrr Yurrr
    Yurrr Yurrr26 gün önce

    Looking like his next victim to get hurt like him

  • Justin
    Justin26 gün önce

    800 grams of CARBS Daily? He's begging for insulin resistance and diabetes.

  • Izzy Kash
    Izzy Kash26 gün önce

    Don't forget the roids😉 I'm actually so disappointed to find out everyone is on roids 😞 none of their PRs count

  • Joe Swanston
    Joe Swanston26 gün önce

    Crazy to think Larry is only 15

  • jamal a
    jamal a26 gün önce

    800g of carbs with 800g of steriods ofcourse will make you lean

  • JMS x
    JMS x26 gün önce

    People are scared of carbs but high carbs, when high carb is mainly sugars your totally fine

  • Azakisma
    Azakisma26 gün önce

    Heavy deadlift! Stop it larry. He's only a man.

  • Panther Shoots
    Panther Shoots26 gün önce

    18:52 that's what you do when the weight is too heavy for your partner.

  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats26 gün önce

    Larry wheel's you have chicken 🐓 drumsticks legs lmao I feel like KFC

  • Mr Ali
    Mr Ali27 gün önce

    800 is way too much. Many young bodybuilders are becoming diabetic due to high carbohydrates load. These guys are not healthy. No hate intended

  • sasidharrao karanam
    sasidharrao karanam27 gün önce

    We want you to see you doing arm wrestling..

  • Dekhari johns
    Dekhari johns27 gün önce


  • Vincent Reyes
    Vincent Reyes27 gün önce

    What happened to strict curls

  • Kerrie-Ann Leyland
    Kerrie-Ann Leyland27 gün önce

    Do masks work when they’re on your chin

  • Dakota Voight
    Dakota Voight27 gün önce

    If you want a good laugh, turn on the subtitles and see what it replaces with their words LOL I'm dead 😂😂😂

  • Mancar Eno
    Mancar Eno27 gün önce

    I swear larry is actually a hit man he's paid to brutally murder everyone he works out with

  • Mancar Eno

    Mancar Eno

    24 gün önce

    @Santi Avalos I'm glad you liked it

  • Santi Avalos

    Santi Avalos

    25 gün önce

    This comment cracked me up

  • Mancar Eno
    Mancar Eno27 gün önce

    Please no bench today larry, Please

  • E E
    E E27 gün önce

    Larry it would be good when you armwrestle with somebody who is new to this sport to tell them not to push sideways but to pull and go down because i am always scared when i see somebody who is amateur pushing sideways. Thank you and all the best Larry 💯💯

  • Aurelia Andris
    Aurelia Andris27 gün önce

    I thought this time the armpit tendon was going to blow up ... Larry you need to work on those pull ups ... Specially if you want to go into armwrestking

  • Dj Xpress TV
    Dj Xpress TV27 gün önce

    Coach Greg & Derek have entered the chat 👀😂

  • Alan Rastelli
    Alan Rastelli27 gün önce

    800g of carbs probably means 800g of rice/pasta etc not actual grams of macronutrient

  • Vincent Yang
    Vincent Yang27 gün önce

    Don’t injure him too now Larry lol

  • nobody101 Man2020
    nobody101 Man202027 gün önce

    larry you forgot to injure your guest! isn't that a thing now? ... JOKING!

  • Jack Kenney
    Jack Kenney27 gün önce

    for the millionth time, CARBS DONT MAKE YOU FAT.

  • Jomain asdf
    Jomain asdf27 gün önce

    that girl @9:32 wants some it

  • Dan


    24 gün önce

    pls tell

  • Jomain asdf

    Jomain asdf

    24 gün önce

    @Dan idk man. i only know she wants some from Larry and Alessandro.

  • Dan


    24 gün önce

    whats her name??

  • Greg McConner
    Greg McConner27 gün önce

    Yall killing me with these next up comments😂 Give the guy a break


    All video is about "yeah yeah " 😂😂😂

  • Ranarr Brothers
    Ranarr Brothers27 gün önce

    Damn i hope these Ryan and Larry jokes dont become a permanent thing on here lol

  • delboy
    delboy27 gün önce

    Larry with training partners... NEXT!!

  • Gainstician
    Gainstician27 gün önce

    Well being lean comes down to calories, it can't be argued. 1000g carbs or 20g carbs, don't matter.

  • Jay Coal
    Jay Coal27 gün önce

    The peaks of Larrys biceps amaze me every time.

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming27 gün önce

    Who Loves Larry's Intro And Gets Motivated For bodybuilding 😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😎😎😎😎

  • Bishoy The Great

    Bishoy The Great

    27 gün önce

    No one after the pec tear his partner suffer from

  • Ivan Ivailov
    Ivan Ivailov27 gün önce

    Larry pr on pull ups

  • Breksato Best
    Breksato Best27 gün önce

    Dawaj w 4K.

  • Moto Hooligan86
    Moto Hooligan8627 gün önce

    Alessandro studia l'inglese per favore...

  • Alpesh Parmar
    Alpesh Parmar27 gün önce

    Larry sir Please long hair looking georgious.

  • alika beinashvili
    alika beinashvili27 gün önce


  • wong cj
    wong cj27 gün önce

    Too toxic. How many people Larry had trained with but only one person fully tear his muscles. Pls stop typing when someone just tear his muscles.