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  • Joey Coriaci
    Joey Coriaci23 gün önce

    YESSIRRRR EASY WORK 🤟🏼💪🏼 can’t wait to squat/train with you again sir 🤝the channel loves all this powaaaa

  • Laith Alkhalili

    Laith Alkhalili

    15 gün önce

    All the best Juji 😊👍🏻

  • Sergio Henriquez

    Sergio Henriquez

    18 gün önce

    Your the man bro

  • Justin


    22 gün önce

    where u buy ur nike shorts from Joey

  • Nikolay Tonev

    Nikolay Tonev

    22 gün önce

    So strong and never been to a meet?!! Crazy...

  • Giles Hunter

    Giles Hunter

    22 gün önce


  • God Left Clyd Behind
    God Left Clyd Behind7 gün önce

    Joey you make me uncomfortable. Stop moving around so much!!! Sheesh. You look like someone who just blew a rail in the club bathroom. that pre workout is gonna make your heart pop. Good job guys

  • YouTube Connolly family
    YouTube Connolly family8 gün önce

    Great video Larry. U will be at 2 mill in no time

  • Felix RG
    Felix RG9 gün önce

    rip legs

  • Mike Barron
    Mike Barron13 gün önce

    You lift like a beast Larry! I admire your hard work!

  • Eaglet Pants
    Eaglet Pants14 gün önce

    Joey looks like roided out eraserhead

  • Jayden Hinaki
    Jayden Hinaki16 gün önce

    Hormone issues cos you on roids

  • Lorenzo Cortella
    Lorenzo Cortella17 gün önce

    The quality is always fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Michael Mcelhaney
    Michael Mcelhaney18 gün önce

    Hell yeah Larry you getting massive brother!!!!!your my inspiration 💪🔥🙏

  • Edwín Rallón Cárdenas
    Edwín Rallón Cárdenas18 gün önce

    Uffff que poder

  • Michael Markku
    Michael Markku19 gün önce

    Ronnie Coleman befor a lift. Yeeeeebudy yepyep yep. No dark place,just Ronnie Coleman and Love for workout.

  • woke flash
    woke flash19 gün önce

    Joey has to come back man plz

  • J
    J20 gün önce

    LWss should go into the WWE

  • Slayer Down
    Slayer Down20 gün önce

    Agree, this guest is vibing. More of that.

  • Kassi K
    Kassi K20 gün önce

    This is good guy

  • Big Sauce
    Big Sauce20 gün önce

    Joey squared 920 at my gym.

  • Trailer Parkboys33
    Trailer Parkboys3320 gün önce

    No pun intended! Annoying sentence

  • Klevis Ndoci
    Klevis Ndoci20 gün önce

    Fucking huge both

  • Mahdi El Atmani Tager
    Mahdi El Atmani Tager20 gün önce

    best squat video on yt cant wait to go lift today

  • Pinky’s number 1# fan
    Pinky’s number 1# fan20 gün önce

    Jesus Christ loves you all

  • Ed Blair
    Ed Blair21 gün önce

    Easy release wraps 👍

  • Sergio Henriquez
    Sergio Henriquez21 gün önce

    I didn’t like his first video because I though he made excuses but in al reality his just experienced n like to fine tune the little things, I like Joey a lot after his second video n seeing how strong

  • Ronen
    Ronen21 gün önce

    I think there is video loop in the initial part.

  • Benjamin -
    Benjamin -21 gün önce

    How do you screw up your hormones??

  • mark
    mark21 gün önce

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  • Jaku
    Jaku21 gün önce

    Am I stupid or did the first set of warmup squats/commentary repeat twice?

  • Ronan Connelly
    Ronan Connelly21 gün önce

    larry squatting without headphones?? could never hahahaha

  • E Bz
    E Bz21 gün önce

    Love this guy he's a great guest!

  • Max Gamache
    Max Gamache21 gün önce

    More Joey! You guys are a nice duo!

  • rxr610
    rxr61021 gün önce

    I was coached by Joey personally and I can say I became a better lifter since!

  • Daniel


    21 gün önce

    I was coached by him as well, amazing guy and got me so strong

  • Prince saji
    Prince saji21 gün önce

    I see his vids then I hit the gym after good motivation keep it up

  • Achraf Abdullah
    Achraf Abdullah21 gün önce

    I am the 4000th like

  • SOC1970
    SOC197021 gün önce

    Good shit guys! Learned more again

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma22 gün önce

    His bicep doesn’t exist, i think his legs consumed them

  • Manny Wolfe
    Manny Wolfe22 gün önce

    Great vibes Joey !! Loved this video and all the A1 tips!

  • Relax Your Mind

    Relax Your Mind

    21 gün önce


  • Dana Green
    Dana Green22 gün önce

    Love Joeys energy!

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia22 gün önce

    Why this dude look like pit bull from the strength Cartel 😂😂😂 well his not strength cartel anymore and why he wear them small ass shorts 😂

  • Ralph 318
    Ralph 31822 gün önce

    As a black man from here in Louisiana, who was born in the 70's, I must say that I like to see guys who have "go muscles", and "show muscles", because they shut those little "tiny" girly petite shaped dudes, with washboard abs ass dudes up, who have said throughout the years that if you don't have abs, it's like you're still "look" outta shape, regardless of what you can do in the gym. I like shit like this so damn much, instead of sayin' fuck yall, I'll say something better, which is "mock yall", got damn it!!!!

  • Sewell Cooper
    Sewell Cooper22 gün önce

    Is it just me or did he repeat the hormone talk in the beginning of the video?

  • Connor Allen
    Connor Allen22 gün önce

    Love Joey put him on more

  • freeflowme
    freeflowme22 gün önce

    6:54 I wish I could eat "as much I as I can stomach" and still be ripped!

  • freeflowme
    freeflowme22 gün önce

    Man, it's so fun to see these powerlifting videos come out of the channel again for the past few weeks / months. It's making me nostalgic for a few years ago when you were training with Thor, flipping over the deadlift bar with your figure-8 straps, etc. going for heavy weights on everything. I'm sure there's money to be made in all the other types of content, but I'll always be here for the powerlifting and strongman stuff.

  • Flexa Gaming
    Flexa Gaming22 gün önce

    same weight as bigboy right now. interesting.

  • David Ammonds
    David Ammonds22 gün önce

    These guys are straight Beast .. 593lbs Joey says we still warming up

  • RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)
    RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)22 gün önce

    Larry looks big .

  • _chidiebere
    _chidiebere22 gün önce

    Joey reminds me of "Pitbull Torres" from strength cartel

  • Alucard
    Alucard22 gün önce

    The collab we fkn needed

  • Mohib Abbas
    Mohib Abbas22 gün önce

    What a duo,u learnt alot from watching these two learn from each other, we need Joey back again soon

  • PPK
    PPK22 gün önce

    Fuckkkkk 3 reps with 375kg on back?? 😱😱😱😱

  • Test E + Primo + Anavar
    Test E + Primo + Anavar22 gün önce

    Joey brings great energy to this channel 💪🏻

  • Gavin Heyneman
    Gavin Heyneman22 gün önce

    Morning paper!!!

  • DarkSaint411
    DarkSaint41122 gün önce

    The guest was really cool. Strong as an ox too

  • Triplows
    Triplows22 gün önce

    This is a fancy gym man lmao 💅

  • Conceptual Engineering TV
    Conceptual Engineering TV22 gün önce

    What they smell? Anybody?

  • Requenz
    Requenz22 gün önce

    This reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu working out

  • Mads Pandrup
    Mads Pandrup22 gün önce

    We want more of Joey!

  • Aaryan
    Aaryan22 gün önce

    wait now that you have mentioned it, I have never realized that I have been squatting bare foot these whole years and its diff from what people normally do its actually because no one in our gym wears shoes inside

  • J.A.
    J.A.22 gün önce

    He said give it one tug

  • Beth
    Beth22 gün önce

    Thumbnail is a picture of how to spot correctly and terribly in a single image.

  • Santi
    Santi22 gün önce

    Larry looks like he gained 10lbs since his last video bruh🤯

  • Manuel Rendón
    Manuel Rendón22 gün önce

    Is that a record for a triple?

  • AD Israel.
    AD Israel.22 gün önce

    that joey is a little powerhouse a dam tank

  • Monja Hussain
    Monja Hussain22 gün önce


  • Monja Hussain
    Monja Hussain23 gün önce

    Excessive amounts of weight.....unnecessary & bad for the joints without a doubt

  • MrSheepy450
    MrSheepy45023 gün önce


  • Kwaz Fraser
    Kwaz Fraser23 gün önce

    Joey reminds me of a New Yorker. Cool dude and strong af.

  • Zephyraz
    Zephyraz23 gün önce

    the miss Communication part is in the video twice :D which is a bit funny cuz he kinda dont wanna talk about it it seems xD

  • TotalWarChronicles
    TotalWarChronicles23 gün önce

    Larry is always shaking so hard when he unracks you wonder when the weights will crush him... !

  • Caspy Waspy
    Caspy Waspy23 gün önce

    Why is the camera mans laugh sounds exactly like Seth rogan’s?

  • Cameron Griffith
    Cameron Griffith23 gün önce

    Larry could of had that for 4-5 reps

  • anikesh deb
    anikesh deb23 gün önce

    Larry, is he Juji Mufu's brother ? 😂 Just kidding he's strong though and you ain't human 😂 like Andrew Jacked said. Anyway always find your videos motivational brother keep grinding 💪🏻

  • Nathan Tompson
    Nathan Tompson23 gün önce

    Larry's definitely squatting high..

  • aaron jordaan
    aaron jordaan23 gün önce

    Where do you get a 30 kilo barbell? Just curious

  • Night Dark
    Night Dark23 gün önce

    Larry you need a haircut.

  • Harvey
    Harvey23 gün önce

    I like how Larry talks openly about steroids , well as openly as he can anyway

  • Will
    Will23 gün önce

    DAMN. That guy is strong. Love the vibes. Great video!

  • Denis Sobolevski
    Denis Sobolevski23 gün önce

    wtf is wrong with your depth ? u gonna compete with that kind of depth ? there is no reason for his depth to be that bad he isnt like 400lbs with a huge belly in the way..

  • Qlas Aangenaam
    Qlas Aangenaam23 gün önce

    Who would be stronger Ronnie coleman if he focused only at powerlifting or larry what do you Guys think 👇

  • Robert Kondraciuk - Official
    Robert Kondraciuk - Official23 gün önce

    Joey squats are so much better than Larry's...

  • ToTheTop Journey
    ToTheTop Journey23 gün önce

    Love how meticulous these guys are

  • Dmitry Guzhelya
    Dmitry Guzhelya23 gün önce

    I'm sorry but I think that their squats aren't deep enough.

  • Hyruy ._.
    Hyruy ._.23 gün önce

    Bro Larry why r ur calves so bad? Not hating just wondering because your humongous everywhere else

  • Pink Supremacy
    Pink Supremacy23 gün önce

    I don't wanna shit or be negative but am I the only one who thinks Larry's an inch or so above parallel? Is it the angle that's fooling me or what? Joey seems to be hitting below parallel every time though🤷‍♂️ regardless, insane weight. Insane effort.

  • Joel Mesherghi
    Joel Mesherghi23 gün önce

    Amazing strength, but why are they squatting just above parallel?

  • Kerns D
    Kerns D23 gün önce

    14:24 Joey got a brick of coke😂😂

  • Carl-Johan Hellstrom
    Carl-Johan Hellstrom23 gün önce

    joey looks natty

  • Ended-the-fed
    Ended-the-fed23 gün önce

    looks like a lot of energy is used up for the walkout on 849

  • Marin Perković
    Marin Perković23 gün önce

    That spotter completely failed his task last few warm up sets and working set bro, make sure you find a good one in the future

  • Jeremy D
    Jeremy D23 gün önce

    Joeys cool as fuck def need more of him on the channel

  • petr l
    petr l23 gün önce

    21:09 Wrapping from outside to the inside again. Loads of wrapped squatters don't do it that way cause they say it cues internal rotation. Conventional wisdom is to wrap from inside to the outside

  • Jose
    Jose23 gün önce

    Why don't you use 25kg plates?

  • Reckless Rick
    Reckless Rick23 gün önce

    Love these two together we need more videos! Great guest and great host, humble, educational, and attacking the lifts. Fuck yes. This shits gonna have me destroying my pull day today😤😤😤

  • josh colbert
    josh colbert23 gün önce

    Larry and Joey team??? Shit I'm here for that, Joey brings that contagious energy you cant deny, my favorite guest you have ever had on your channel.

  • Seb C
    Seb C23 gün önce

    the beginnings of a new broship for sure

  • Jorge’s LP
    Jorge’s LP23 gün önce

    Collab with Russel Orhii!!!

  • Sör James - its a choice
    Sör James - its a choice23 gün önce

    Thats a wrap 💪🏾🙌🏾✅

  • Mr Mayhem
    Mr Mayhem23 gün önce

    your sleeves could be a tad higher big dawg

  • DrugAddict
    DrugAddict23 gün önce

    They don’t look parallel

  • Gurung Fitness
    Gurung Fitness23 gün önce

    Joey short man like me 😍 such a incredible strength, I appreciate you man, I’m 5’7 n body weight 69kg I squats 195kg n deadlifts 202kg.

  • Darren Timms
    Darren Timms23 gün önce

    massively impressive triple!!!!!