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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Nawaz Sharif: sharif_2is


  • christian monturano II
    christian monturano II4 gün önce

    Thats like twice as hard for me than regular squats how can he do 800 on that and 900 on regular i though he only did like 400 on that type of squat

  • matthew roberts
    matthew roberts6 gün önce

    Is it me or should Larry have bigger legs?

  • José
    José7 gün önce

    Vai acabar rebentando a coluna,

  • Skeptical
    Skeptical8 gün önce

    irakli vs larry wheels armwrestling

  • El Jake
    El Jake8 gün önce

    Bro I like the hair lol but don’t be reckless, we all want you to stay healthy and succeed. Instead of being worried why not change things up? Just my opinion you could have hit 5 singles with 700-20 instead and have stayed safer while getting more practice in then maxed on a day when you have a safe setup. You can always lift heavy without maxing and going to failure on compound movements. I love both too, but I feel like with heavy weight they need to be used carefully. I know you know challenging sets short of failure at 1-5 reps will give you gains with progressive overload. Stay hydrated, get blood in the tendons and muscles after with light controlled stretched bodybuilding movements, and you got it dude. Just my opinion because I feel like more ideas can only help someone succeed and I want to see you succeed bro!

  • Tadeh Petrossian
    Tadeh Petrossian8 gün önce

    Well its obvious his on that juice.

    SAMRAT ROY8 gün önce

    Fake weight

  • C G
    C G8 gün önce

    Fake! You totally used special effects to remove the spotter! ;-) Great job Larry! Keep up the good work!

  • Richard Donald
    Richard Donald8 gün önce

    I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago,can i get person who invested with her Comment below

  • Joseph Albert

    Joseph Albert

    8 gün önce

    @Lisa Clinton Thanks alot I just sent her a message and she attended to me nicely, such nice lady.

  • Lisa Clinton

    Lisa Clinton

    8 gün önce

    @Alexander Lester +1-6-0-5-2-2-1-8-0-3-6

  • Alexander Lester

    Alexander Lester

    8 gün önce

    @Williams Jeffrey Seeking for her WhatsApp contacts details

  • Williams Jeffrey

    Williams Jeffrey

    8 gün önce

    @Adam Smith No doubt Mrs Emilia Trading Services is very good, I invested $5,000 and cashed out $25,000 after 3 weeks. I still wonder how she get her analysis

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    8 gün önce

    @Jordan Silva Alright thanks for the recommendation, but how do I reach her

  • GYM Lover channel
    GYM Lover channel8 gün önce


  • Damien Locc
    Damien Locc9 gün önce

    Half Squat PR

  • Riccardo Ferrante
    Riccardo Ferrante9 gün önce

    Beast mode..💪

  • Мартин Трифонов
    Мартин Трифонов9 gün önce

    Larry what to do for harmstrings mobility? My hams are really really tight because of lifting heavy and heavy bodyweight and i cant even touch my toes and they feel contracted even standing still

  • kunal singh khangarot
    kunal singh khangarot9 gün önce

    gear is on means he is on roids?

  • lolzertron
    lolzertron9 gün önce

    nice depth LOL

  • Leo Harju
    Leo Harju9 gün önce

    I have that Elite FTS Yolk Bar, it cost me $600 with the shipping but it’s the best safety squat bar

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf9 gün önce

    Ladies and gentlemen 8 45 plates on EACH side. That’s ridiculous

  • Michael McClain
    Michael McClain9 gün önce

    do u hold ur breath larry?🤔

  • Jaime Romero
    Jaime Romero9 gün önce

    Will this dude ever do a proper squat.

  • ivan kaciga
    ivan kaciga9 gün önce

    Yeeeahhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Larry Iron Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kennedy Poi
    Kennedy Poi9 gün önce

    9:55 ✔️

  • Vojtěch Rác
    Vojtěch Rác9 gün önce

    I wanted him to say "dats 800 solid ass pounds". Missed oportunity...

  • mome
    mome9 gün önce

    keep your hair G you look 10yrs younger💪

  • Paradies ist das wahre Leben
    Paradies ist das wahre Leben9 gün önce

    Nawaz look MashaAllah

  • Paradies ist das wahre Leben
    Paradies ist das wahre Leben9 gün önce

    Larry with hear is new style wish to see you the next with bearth

  • Natalie Zementbeisser
    Natalie Zementbeisser9 gün önce

    too weak

  • Larry Potts
    Larry Potts9 gün önce

    Its showtime yaw..!!

  • Keith Wong
    Keith Wong9 gün önce

    Y'all know his racker buff coz of Larry's laugh

  • Survivor Body Building
    Survivor Body Building9 gün önce

    Larry you a fucken beast

    HEADHUNCHO CARTER10 gün önce

    What happened to bros left bicep

  • Nirmal Bc
    Nirmal Bc10 gün önce


  • TheSacred55
    TheSacred5510 gün önce

    I wonder what is the Safety squat world record?

  • TheSacred55
    TheSacred5510 gün önce

    Dude was just born for it

  • Gabriel Kyne
    Gabriel Kyne10 gün önce

    hes barely out of breath after 801 lbs

  • GumBi
    GumBi10 gün önce

    brad castleberry squats way more than this. without knee wraps too

  • Black Lit. Black Hist.
    Black Lit. Black Hist.10 gün önce

    I'm resubscribing.

  • Troy Truong
    Troy Truong10 gün önce

    Amatures listen to music when lifting. This is why i dont listen to music when i do really heavy lift. You will hurt yourself with little distraction.

  • Josiah Pierce
    Josiah Pierce10 gün önce

    Hopefully all.the roids and insane lifting won't kill you early or really.mess up of luck man

  • EatShytake
    EatShytake10 gün önce

    Love you Larry, no homo

  • kian merrills
    kian merrills10 gün önce

    larry spotter man got jacked larry has told him the secret

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green10 gün önce

    What this man Sharifs eating!?

  • Matt Wells
    Matt Wells10 gün önce

    If you fall with that... ?

  • Aric
    Aric10 gün önce

    Larry I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way when I see somebody get hurt.

  • Mouâd oubelahcen
    Mouâd oubelahcen10 gün önce

    Ronnie colman’s record has been broken 😍

  • DanieI Joseph
    DanieI Joseph10 gün önce

    8:50 Sheriff is on the roids also now it seems 😆

  • Can't get Right2
    Can't get Right210 gün önce

    Torn left biceps?

    HANSARE OFFICIAL10 gün önce

    Larry your are bby kkkkk

  • Kevin from Elizabethtown College
    Kevin from Elizabethtown College10 gün önce

    I admire you Larry. You just squated 4 times more weight than what my best squat is which is at 200 pounds. I always see you as an inspiration.

  • DeTuned Art
    DeTuned Art10 gün önce

    There used to be slap city now its pr snap city...

  • Eoghan Doheny
    Eoghan Doheny10 gün önce

    Larry please grow out your hair and mustachr until they get really long

  • Vivek
    Vivek10 gün önce

    I never knew Sharif was so ripped😮😮

  • Maurice Marius
    Maurice Marius11 gün önce

    When an training session with Sharif?

  • _THE_sÎÑdÎL_MøÑsTëR_
    _THE_sÎÑdÎL_MøÑsTëR_11 gün önce

    Where is the gym

    SAMUEL O MONSTRO11 gün önce

    Brasil aq mano bota legendas em portugues

  • Sarbaz Abdulla
    Sarbaz Abdulla11 gün önce

    Larry talking about the benefits of the lift were helpful, he is an amazing crane-like inspirational super human. But I do miss the lose his mind energy, we need that as fans, as it increases our torque as well.

  • Alex Mora
    Alex Mora11 gün önce

    Yeah after watching Ryan’s video . Every time I bench heavy , I’m like shit please DONT snap on me .

  • Supreme Team
    Supreme Team11 gün önce

    Civic cryptocurrency!!! Invest invest invest! About to blow up like Larry's bench

  • Mancar Eno
    Mancar Eno11 gün önce

    this video needed a BTC to hype larry up

  • Felipe Del Vecchio
    Felipe Del Vecchio11 gün önce

    That's 800 solid ASS pounds lol

  • Mackn snacks
    Mackn snacks11 gün önce

    Get some waves larry . " Wave brush , y'all knew my head was the ocean .

  • K Y
    K Y11 gün önce

    You know shits getting real when Larry takes off his shirt 💪

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioan11 gün önce

    Hit Video Clipurile Gym America Lary

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioan11 gün önce

    Andrei Deiu Dragoș Siko Smion Panada Erko jun Rok America

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioan11 gün önce

    Lary Gym America fetele

  • Răzvan Arsenie ioan
    Răzvan Arsenie ioan11 gün önce


  • MX Trick
    MX Trick11 gün önce

    Hey larry the german youtuber Johannes luckas had you nominated to do a chest crusher challenge This could be fun

  • Ed Meyer
    Ed Meyer11 gün önce

    He's not even hitting parallel, anyone else would be getting roasted in the comments.

  • Evan G
    Evan G11 gün önce

    Such an animal man. I can barely get 4 plates on each side with this. Safety bar squat is a must for those who haven’t tried it. Gamechanger

  • Nixa Zizu
    Nixa Zizu11 gün önce

    Bravo Larry! Almost like Coleman. Good Job.

  • Josip Crnkovic

    Josip Crnkovic

    6 gün önce

    Za nixu rec "dude" lol

  • Tyler Angel

    Tyler Angel

    6 gün önce

    Dude Larry Squatted 9 plates last year he’s injured right now

  • edushikh by shikhar
    edushikh by shikhar11 gün önce

    His bicep has a bicep

  • Elisio Moreno
    Elisio Moreno11 gün önce


  • Asif
    Asif11 gün önce

    Holy shit, Sharif is jacked!!!! When did that happen??

  • Sofia ramos
    Sofia ramos11 gün önce

    Eres muy fuerte

    XOXOXOXOXOXO11 gün önce

    0:04 You just have to be in the presence of Larry to look like this

  • NobleGuardianX
    NobleGuardianX11 gün önce

    That belt came off at 100mph after that 800

  • ClS Alex
    ClS Alex11 gün önce

    Hi Larry, can you try the exercises with same weight as Faceless and Anabolic Horse did in the Final of Strength Wars ?

  • Ignite
    Ignite11 gün önce


  • Sml Strength
    Sml Strength11 gün önce

    Its easy to dismiss Sharif as small cause he is arround larry but... The dude is jacked and shredded!!

  • Ela Niemloda
    Ela Niemloda11 gün önce

    Now he band , then get BANG! Free Pakistani boy you freak!

  • Kid Dynamite
    Kid Dynamite11 gün önce

    Legs is all genetics ... there’s white boys who don’t even train legs and they have bigger guys then us brown guys 😤🤣 all genetics

  • Brian O'Connor
    Brian O'Connor11 gün önce

    Don't push yourself too hard to please a bunch of nobodies, take good care

  • danpats1
    danpats111 gün önce

    It’s crazy how little Larry’s calves are. I weigh 176 lbs and mine are bigger lol.

  • M H81
    M H8111 gün önce

    I'd love to see u go head to head with the rock

  • RavSingh Rajput````
    RavSingh Rajput````11 gün önce

    Sharif use to be a Uber driver, now he's Larry's mini me 😆

  • Paulo Junior
    Paulo Junior11 gün önce

    Foda seria se a legenda fosse pelo menos em português

  • prior sin
    prior sin11 gün önce

    80% comments on sharif 👀

  • Adrian Kovacs
    Adrian Kovacs11 gün önce

    Larry Wheels with hair :O

  • ishi zira
    ishi zira11 gün önce

    Sharif needs more chest. Other than that, he looks like a beast.

  • Video Game & Movie Clips
    Video Game & Movie Clips11 gün önce

    It's crazy to see how he's small than Ronnie Coleman and basically lifting the same weight😳

  • Bros Adventure
    Bros Adventure11 gün önce

    You don't want to be behind Larry after he takes that weight belt off🤣🤣

  • Alan GG
    Alan GG11 gün önce

    Larry needs to hire me to strap him up. I need to be on that level 💪💪💪

  • Matt A
    Matt A11 gün önce

    O yea sharifs definitely on the gas but hey if your willing to risk it and are competing you have to. Can't stay natty and compete. Looking good wrap dude

  • madneeko1
    madneeko111 gün önce

    Its weird to see Larry with hair lol .. had he has a transplant? Or just growing it?

  • ryan worthen
    ryan worthen11 gün önce


  • Pete De La Mare
    Pete De La Mare11 gün önce

    A single rear spotter on a 800lb SB squat isn’t going to be able to do anything anyway, you’d need side spotters as well.

  • Jaeger Schtulmann
    Jaeger Schtulmann11 gün önce

    Larry Wheels with hair reminds me of Carlton in The Prince of Belair series

  • Kaligane Gaming
    Kaligane Gaming11 gün önce

    8:51 mowgli is ripped now compared to when he 1st started

  • John Magana
    John Magana11 gün önce

    I thought he said coach Greg 🥲

  • reptar33
    reptar3311 gün önce

    Honesty goes a long way! Great video Larry

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown11 gün önce

    Larry slaps his own back 😂😂 just cause he’s surprised he still can touch his back lmao