Schoolboy vs Larry Wheels \u0026 Devon Larratt vs Michael Todd Pay-Per-View:

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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Coach Ray: coach_rayx
Voice of Armwrestling:
Adam Silver: strengthnet
Yedess: yedess_nfc
Suhail Khan: suhailkhan_sv
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Oliver: oliverobeid
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  • Pw35 Putra
    Pw35 Putra8 gün önce

    Tears biceps

  • Alexei Boris
    Alexei Boris12 gün önce

    Nope you not easy win for Schoolboy, as it was and is..

  • gelo manalo
    gelo manalo13 gün önce

    You are ready for the arm wrestling with school boy

  • set
    set17 gün önce

    Le noir c'est un fou il voulait pas lacher il aller lui peté le poigné 😂

  • Stan Mann
    Stan Mann17 gün önce

    You weren't ready

  • Troll. Time.

    Troll. Time.

    17 gün önce

    Was about to say the same thing, lol

  • MrBarosxp
    MrBarosxp17 gün önce

    larry's biceps has biceps which has biceps that has biceps.

  • Master of None
    Master of None17 gün önce

    I don't think Larry is quite ready, but he's bloody close!

  • Baha uddin
    Baha uddin18 gün önce

    يبدو أن لاري اتقنها اخيرا

  • PerúTube
    PerúTube19 gün önce


  • Sebastián Luengo
    Sebastián Luengo20 gün önce

    Not ready 🤔

  • Daniel Krome
    Daniel Krome20 gün önce

    Min 14:25 ¿Larry brother?

  • Nathan J
    Nathan J20 gün önce

    No. Schoolboy is too strong.

  • aaron
    aaron21 gün önce


  • Jack Crump
    Jack Crump21 gün önce


  • Aromal Babu
    Aromal Babu22 gün önce

    Definitely u were not ready for schoolboy

  • Лешкинс Смелый
    Лешкинс Смелый23 gün önce


  • Лешкинс Смелый
    Лешкинс Смелый23 gün önce

    Лари молодец, не стоит на месте,развивается.

  • Дмитрий Назаров
    Дмитрий Назаров24 gün önce

    Larry you are very strong, it is evident. It is possible that those people with whom you fought are also strong, but they are not armwrestlers, unlike the schoolboy.

  • Dan
    Dan24 gün önce


  • Stoyan Bonchev
    Stoyan Bonchev25 gün önce

    Of course ... hahaaha

  • Sarscov21 Mark13z
    Sarscov21 Mark13z26 gün önce

    Jaxx... 😂😅😅

  • D. Eck
    D. Eck26 gün önce

    Larry is full of roids. Schoolboy is not.

  • unknown ??
    unknown ??26 gün önce


  • T1256 Tg
    T1256 Tg26 gün önce

    If school boy has his Tom and Jerry t shirt on he’s going to break larrys arm

  • John Purkis
    John Purkis26 gün önce

    What time is the match?m?m? I don't wanna pay if I don't even know if I can make it

  • Boss 420
    Boss 42026 gün önce

    Ppv is bought 👌..I can't wait 15h away best of luck Larry hope you smash it tomorrow

  • tunefish82
    tunefish8227 gün önce

    Wow! I put a few bux on Schoolboy, as I didn't think you could have caught up with him yet... But man, you have obviously improved more than I expected. Very excited for your arm wrestling career! :D

  • manicniceguy
    manicniceguy27 gün önce

    School Boys arms are like twigs.

  • ᚨᛉᚨᛉᛖᛚ
    ᚨᛉᚨᛉᛖᛚ27 gün önce

    >feels like a stick >watches larry s video > feels like a stick that has been flattened by a hidraulic press

  • Arki Mon
    Arki Mon27 gün önce

    Damn Larry's new hair look so badass

  • J Rob
    J Rob27 gün önce

    Technique wins over power

  • Russell Supertramp
    Russell Supertramp27 gün önce

    Suhail seems a lot stronger with more meat (or fat) on him.

  • Lexxsy
    Lexxsy27 gün önce

    I like how Larry's so humble!

  • HouiLouis 95
    HouiLouis 9527 gün önce

    Dude on the left outfit 20.57 When you gotta go to hospital but look fly at the same time

  • Audi 1
    Audi 127 gün önce

    Larry can be a pro at anything he tries

  • Markiyan Hapyak
    Markiyan Hapyak27 gün önce

    You are *born* READY!!

  • Tyler Hoyt
    Tyler Hoyt28 gün önce

    Hopefully you been fully training your sphincter muscle because Schoolboy gonna give it ya lol

  • Japsahib Dhillon
    Japsahib Dhillon28 gün önce

    Sohail 'hold only' khan

  • Japsahib Dhillon
    Japsahib Dhillon28 gün önce

    Did you guys notice...Larry's bicep has a bicep!

  • Japsahib Dhillon
    Japsahib Dhillon28 gün önce

    Nah! Larry isn't ready yet... schoolboy will win again!

  • webeducation
    webeducation28 gün önce

    Well gotta say Larry's intros are some of the best on TRloft

  • Eddie spagetti
    Eddie spagetti29 gün önce

    Awesome Larry is powerfull and strong. UNFORTUNATELY SCHOOLBOY IS A ARMWRESTLING PHENOMENON. It doesn't matter if Larry is ready now. He is not at the level or near the skills of the boy. So once again the boy wins and makes it look easy . A few months of armwrestling will not be enough to beat schoolboy

  • Shawn Tucker
    Shawn Tucker29 gün önce

    That Dark skin Brotha..WOW 😲

  • aldm1967
    aldm196729 gün önce

    Here's the thing with Larry. He has all the power in the world, but I can see it hasn't all clicked yet. He's come a long way in a short amount of time, but it will click one day, when he can put it all together. Then you better look out!!!

  • kenneth aikhuomogbe
    kenneth aikhuomogbe29 gün önce

    Can someone tell him that maybe if he reach his hands higher than schoolboy maybe he won’t be attack on wrist

  • Angry Roleplayer
    Angry Roleplayer29 gün önce

    Damn Larry's biceps is so scary , honestly... :)

  • Nabeel nazer
    Nabeel nazer29 gün önce

    suhail's recovery is amazing... wishing the very best..

  • shining force 2
    shining force 229 gün önce

    Larry, beat that Korean Hulk , its time !

  • T A
    T A29 gün önce

    Get it L-Dub!!!!

  • Pyramid1974
    Pyramid197429 gün önce

    Larrys arms, mainly biceps, are fkn ridiculous.. they almost look deformed.. yet somehow I wish my arms were like his... lol

  • Дядько Старый
    Дядько СтарыйAylar önce

    Смеётся тот, кто смеётся после победы! Русские касаемо силы всегда были и будут первыми!

  • remboss reborn
    remboss rebornAylar önce

    So motivating to see Larry improved so much in so less time.he is more than ready . So waiting for the game. Wish u all the best and stay safe stay healthy. Buyaaa

  • Andrey Kolobikhin
    Andrey KolobikhinAylar önce

    Larry, Larry - is it true that you were bored while working with Schoolboy, and he decided to show you his squats to make you a bit more smiling? But you laughed so much, that he started bench press to finish you?! 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Le0
    Le0Aylar önce

    Damn schoolboy will beat Larry, but admiring them bicep peak Larry. Schoolboy is another level like you are in powerlifting so should be wild. I’ll be rooting for you tho because you have been determined to defeat oldschool boy.

  • Muhammad Putera
    Muhammad PuteraAylar önce

    Schoolboy is strong and experienced, but I'm betting on Larry.

  • 00 8
    00 8Aylar önce

    Yo Larry, you are bigger than the Dwayne Johnson

  • Liam Birch
    Liam BirchAylar önce

    Is there awfully card or just two matches?

  • Electronic Repair
    Electronic RepairAylar önce

    It's bad when the strong guys are talking while your giving it all you can. Lol. Like it's a walk in the park...either way I love it. You guys are all amazing. I've been watch Larry wheels for a long time and he motivates me to keep working out when I start slipping up and getting lazy.

  • vforvendetta60
    vforvendetta60Aylar önce

    I know there is science to it,but I cannot bring myself to believe that this is purely armwrestling. All i see is guys tucking then using their body weight to overpower the other. This is why most people with actual arm power, lose to people without.

  • Donald Trump ASMR
    Donald Trump ASMRAylar önce


  • Kevin qliao
    Kevin qliaoAylar önce

    Cortate el pelo klo

  • Akmal Saidon
    Akmal SaidonAylar önce

    It scary dude..I think their muscle gonna be exploded..😂

  • Allan Moe
    Allan MoeAylar önce

    Larry's channel is an incredible example of the motto "We rise by lifting others up"

  • Alain77 Alain77
    Alain77 Alain77Aylar önce

    J'ai vu Maxime j'ai cliqué 💪

  • Nive Yoga
    Nive YogaAylar önce

    That intro is soo dramatic! I'm ready for a toilet PR!

  • Kalil Santos Oliveira
    Kalil Santos OliveiraAylar önce


  • Kal-Elx
    Kal-ElxAylar önce

    Aller Maxime !!!! 🇨🇵🇨🇵

  • Travis
    TravisAylar önce

    Looks like michael jai white

  • Игорь Иванов
    Игорь ИвановAylar önce

    Nope. Schoolboy win

  • Kalyan Dutta
    Kalyan DuttaAylar önce


  • Hand Granate
    Hand GranateAylar önce

    Suhail has really gained some pounds 👍

  • Adam Hudson
    Adam HudsonAylar önce

    Are you ready? No I think you need a little more growth hormone and maybe more peds first. Try not taking shit before making videos and competing, I’d be interested in how well you do then

  • Mustakim Miah
    Mustakim MiahAylar önce

    I’ll never do an arm wrestle again, the videos I’ve seen of people snaking there arms no no nooo

  • Styx Hellmouth
    Styx HellmouthAylar önce

    0:10 the sounds i leave in the toilet

  • Gee Gun
    Gee GunAylar önce

    Man, Suhail is looking massive and strong!!

  • Dave •
    Dave •Aylar önce

    Man you can see that look in Larry's eyes when he is trying trying to win

  • Mohammed Sadey Salmi
    Mohammed Sadey SalmiAylar önce

    Suhail is eating his vitamins.

  • Shuaib is here
    Shuaib is hereAylar önce

    Larry got this time.

    EDU EDGEAylar önce

    Yess sir!!

  • Mark F
    Mark FAylar önce


  • Aayush Thakur
    Aayush ThakurAylar önce

    Larry's sound is robotic 🔥

  • Seth Marchese
    Seth MarcheseAylar önce

    Larry's bicep has a full family tree of biceps on top of his bicep. 💪

  • Kovidh Agrawal
    Kovidh AgrawalAylar önce

    Coach ray seems to be nothing😂

  • Krokpot 7
    Krokpot 7Aylar önce

    Why does Larry’s bicep look like it pulls weird when he’s arm wrestling? Not making fun, legit question?

  • SuperDro
    SuperDroAylar önce

    Larry vs Schoolboy next year would be a great headliner match if Larry keeps up his training

  • Luis H
    Luis HAylar önce

    Looks like Larry has done his homework and has figured out the game.

  • Daniel Purdy
    Daniel PurdyAylar önce

    Larry is going to get his ass beat by a KID for the second time. Larry has no heart. Over the years he has quit everything he’s ever attempted.

  • Brandon K.
    Brandon K.Aylar önce

    New intro is cheesy

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey LupkesAylar önce

    No serious sparring

  • GpvpHoobastank VARERERA
    GpvpHoobastank VARERERAAylar önce

    Schoolboy 6:0 Larry easy clean vs steroidman

  • Celcas Thy III
    Celcas Thy IIIAylar önce

    Coach ray is getting sloppy

  • Project Mortal
    Project MortalAylar önce

    Day 05 of telling Larry to use the old intro forever.

  • Sobi
    SobiAylar önce

    why does larry look skinnier? I haven't been watching his videos lately

  • Patrick
    PatrickAylar önce

    Holy moly, look at that bicep peak

  • Arek Serce
    Arek SerceAylar önce

    Larry, U look like a beast but.. I dont think so.

  • Hamstrung Harry
    Hamstrung HarryAylar önce

    Is Larry ready? The answer is Yedess.

  • Roberto Rom
    Roberto RomAylar önce


  • james mackay
    james mackayAylar önce

    You ever look at that man's biceps and be like I appreciate the geometrics of this mans arm

  • Anirudhan T.J
    Anirudhan T.JAylar önce

    Suhail Annann💪✌️❤️

  • snarkyboojum
    snarkyboojumAylar önce

    He’s ready but he won’t get close to the Russian. Use it as a learning experience Larry!