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  • Ben 9
    Ben 97 gün önce

    Training with the world's strongest man... "Not for long mate".

  • Mix Music
    Mix Music8 gün önce

    Новиков молодец👍поддержим своего

  • Ma Balyam
    Ma Balyam10 gün önce


  • Сosmos FC
    Сosmos FC14 gün önce


  • ꧁꧂Det꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂Det꧁꧂15 gün önce

    24 and stronger than Brian Shaw. *Let that sink in.*

  • Mark F
    Mark F16 gün önce


  • Sushil Deshmukh
    Sushil Deshmukh16 gün önce

    Oleksii is 24!!!The calm and confidence he commands at this age, I don't think I'll ever be able to achieve... He's going to be one of the greats by the time he retires... God speed brother..

  • Ramil Sayfutdinoff
    Ramil Sayfutdinoff16 gün önce

    Larry do video with Andrey Smaev from Russia.

  • Grant Hoover
    Grant Hoover18 gün önce

    What shoes is Larry wearing?!?! Somebody hook me up. Also the pants! Lol I’m tryin to jack this mans swag!

  • Erma Y
    Erma Y18 gün önce

    This guy trains to win no bullshit

  • Big Lynch
    Big Lynch18 gün önce

    Lmao nigga said nah we met before 😂

  • Brendon Konyves
    Brendon Konyves19 gün önce

    seeing Larry doing warmups is something different 🤣

  • Eugen Bilinskiy
    Eugen Bilinskiy20 gün önce

    Хто тут після відео на каналі Новікова?)

  • Dunston Munson
    Dunston Munson20 gün önce

    I am going to do this exact warm up..

  • Dunston Munson
    Dunston Munson20 gün önce

    Really cool collab

  • Anton Myronyuk
    Anton Myronyuk20 gün önce


  • no one
    no one21 gün önce

    So cool that he worked around Larry's mobility issues and gave him a technique that actually worked, very satisfying. This guy is a true professional, impressive.

  • rick john
    rick john21 gün önce

    Larry looks twice his side

  • johnyisfunny1
    johnyisfunny121 gün önce

    Pretty cool trying something new and I'm sure it's really humbling to realize the training that is put into being a strong man versus powerlifting and bodybuilding. Just what your doing here on this video seems pretty uncomfortable when you're not using proper technique I'm sure you were sore a couple of days after. Great video brother be safe stay strong stay healthy God bless

  • Nrfbj Vdfh
    Nrfbj Vdfh22 gün önce

    The video will be better without music 👍

  • Spiderthenics
    Spiderthenics22 gün önce

    I don’t see eddie hall here the title is a lie

  • J C

    J C

    18 gün önce

    Oleksi is the reigning wrold strongest man wtf is your problem with Eddie Hall lmao. That guy was a one hit wonder and only won a single international title in his whole career. He retired 3 tears ago stop bringing him up everytime

  • Sunny B.
    Sunny B.22 gün önce

    Larry..your issue is flexibility in this video. The stretch when you tried to use your thumbs on to touch your shoulder looks like it must improve for you to rest the dumbbell as he's instructed.

    VLADOS R22 gün önce

    Novikov best of the best!!! More videos from him!!!! in the future he will lift 600 kilograms! Remember my words! 🇺🇦🇺🇲🤜🤛

  • ronald stanley
    ronald stanley24 gün önce

    Larry, you looking clean with a fresh fade. It’s a nice new look.Much love my brother. Keep the videos coming

  • peter olley
    peter olley24 gün önce

    He was teaching him a dance routine at the beginning

  • ZeeNom
    ZeeNom24 gün önce

    Dude's body not that huge and amazingly managed to DEADLIFT 537KG...

  • David Kenyon
    David Kenyon25 gün önce

    Why doesnt larry pursue Strongman?

  • Kanyenke Kanyenke
    Kanyenke Kanyenke25 gün önce

    Mateusz kieliszkowski strongest man

  • LoLEk
    LoLEk25 gün önce

    Kieliszkowski the Best🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • DeathCoreGuitar
    DeathCoreGuitar25 gün önce

    Довольно забавно видеть наши школьные упражнения для разминки) Pretty amusing to see our (Russian/Ukraine) school stretch exercises

  • Rolflol Grisepelle
    Rolflol Grisepelle25 gün önce

    Just cuz that guy attended to a circus and won it does not mean he is the worlds strongest man.

  • floh667
    floh66725 gün önce

    I bet Larry didn't expect aerobics when getting called for warmup training by oleksii. But why did they always call oleksii by his surname? And why asking a ukranian if he's russian when he carries the flag on the back of his shirt? Felt a bit disrespectful

  • Landon Hall
    Landon Hall26 gün önce

    Larry was so annoyed to be warming up without weights haha

  • Christian Star
    Christian Star26 gün önce

    Novikov 100kg 11reps 75sec Kieliszkowski 100kg 11reps 60 sec Lol

  • Taras Khvits
    Taras Khvits26 gün önce

    Best of the best!)_

  • DracePL
    DracePL26 gün önce

    Who the fuck is this...hmmm... right next to Larry?

  • peaceloveforever88
    peaceloveforever8826 gün önce

    Larry is very IMPRESSIVE

  • Raghuveer Dubagunta
    Raghuveer Dubagunta27 gün önce

    Isn't Novikov one of the smallest guys to win WSM?

  • Harv Prentiss
    Harv Prentiss27 gün önce

    A master class in the circus dumbbell taught by Novikov.

  • Gaurav Chawla
    Gaurav Chawla27 gün önce

    The gud thing is Larry is a gud listener no Matter how much experience he has & he train with different individuals as well. He never stops learning.🙏

  • Ash
    Ash28 gün önce

    They should make strongman weights with osmium

  • Brennan Huff
    Brennan Huff28 gün önce

    I don’t think he’s the world’s strongest man . He’s strong as funk though

  • Миша Поздняков
    Миша Поздняков28 gün önce

    Лёха теперь к себе на канал зови Ларри!

  • Trojan Horsey U.K
    Trojan Horsey U.K28 gün önce

    at 48:00 the word he is looking for is momentum.

  • agus hobiotomotif
    agus hobiotomotif28 gün önce

    Novikov doing half squat , because he is kind of propelled him self when lifting the dumbells. Look into the competition

  • Imran Hussain
    Imran Hussain29 gün önce

    Larry: "I quit strongman" Larry a week later: Hold my beer

  • sephy980
    sephy98029 gün önce

    is it just me or did larry look like he hated every second of the warmup stuff?

  • Sergiy Sobolev
    Sergiy Sobolev29 gün önce

    great video, Larry

  • Gareth Williams
    Gareth Williams29 gün önce

    Needs to show him what roidd his on Save a hell of a lot of time

  • Farmazolin
    Farmazolin29 gün önce

    Лайк з України!) Олексій хороший вчитель!)))

  • master
    master29 gün önce

    Please invite kieliszkowski it could be intresting training

  • Mafdy Momen
    Mafdy Momen29 gün önce

    Play with Moamen maher

  • Kirk's Nutrition and Fitness
    Kirk's Nutrition and Fitness29 gün önce

    free mobility routine from the WSM, NOTES BEING TAKEN!

  • Derek Bathgate
    Derek Bathgate29 gün önce

    Novikov seems like such a down to earth guy

  • Mujahid
    Mujahid29 gün önce

    Man Larry is too stiff. Good thing he stretched this time

  • D9
    D929 gün önce

    Once again I see that no one can explain to Larry that you need to sit down under a kettlebell or dumbbell while she is flying and catch her in flight on a straight arm. It should be done as if two squats

  • VinUa
    VinUa29 gün önce

    Переводчик, это просто треш какой-то... В шею гнать за такую работу!!!

  • Filip Jovetic
    Filip JoveticAylar önce

    братство славян

  • Wrecka Stow
    Wrecka StowAylar önce

    Novikov seems like such a genuinely good guy. You can't help but like and root for him.

  • visionstreetwear108
    visionstreetwear108Aylar önce

    Very good trenning.

  • Lexa Orlovskii
    Lexa OrlovskiiAylar önce

    Классная кобылка в очках

  • hotaru
    hotaruAylar önce

    i heard adzan, from 50:30 until around 53 allahu akbar

  • B D
    B DAylar önce


  • Володимир Ільків
    Володимир ІльківAylar önce

    Олекса супер. Ларрі тебе знають і в Україні. Круто.

  • k3rrfit
    k3rrfitAylar önce

    Larry bussin some moves haha

  • Michael Chastain
    Michael ChastainAylar önce

    His warm ups are a workout in themselves!!

  • harsh gaur
    harsh gaurAylar önce

    World's strongest man 2021 will be interesting with Martins Licis and him competing

  • TheSleepbad
    TheSleepbadAylar önce

    Very humble and overall great guy

  • Justas Justelis
    Justas JustelisAylar önce

    This kid thinks of himself too tough. Hes like YEAH IM RUSSIAN IM SO TOUGH while its just an illusion

  • Ryan Horton
    Ryan HortonAylar önce

    Definitely miss Larry doing strong man with strong man, I love the arm wrestling too but the whole reason I followed Larry was for his strength and it’s nice to see how he competes with actual strong men.

  • Andrew McWhirter
    Andrew McWhirterAylar önce

    Watching how Novikov operates, I can see why he is so good. Very smart guy. He will be a great coach once he's done dominating Strongman.

  • Cyrus Baker
    Cyrus BakerAylar önce

    Oleksii is incredibly flexible for how strong he is. No wonder he’s #1!

  • Charles Jarman-Price
    Charles Jarman-PriceAylar önce

    Man, the Eastern European's training methodology is so different to westerners. I actually really like the old school bodyweight stretches preworkout.

  • William Glazier
    William GlazierAylar önce

    Thank you for including the full warm up.

  • Vladislav Viktorovich
    Vladislav ViktorovichAylar önce

    13:13 check this moment everyone and who know Russian also check / its so funny moment/ ahhaah

  • Rheynez
    RheynezAylar önce

    Lets GOOO

  • 1set ky
    1set kyAylar önce

    bro novikov is such a nice dude man!

  • N k
    N kAylar önce

    8.39 = pulp fiction 😂😂

  • Hunter
    HunterAylar önce


  • J
    JAylar önce

    Ditch the girl Larry,she's no good,mouthy & full of it.

  • Heath Johnson
    Heath JohnsonAylar önce

    When are you going to enter WSM competition? Do it now

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben BraekmanAylar önce

    Larry has learnt a lot of things in this video

  • Audi 1
    Audi 1Aylar önce

    Oleski is a cool guy . Very strong . I kinda knew he would win . Matuez would of done very well but dropped out.

  • Володимир Золочевський
    Володимир ЗолочевськийAylar önce

    Слава Україні!!!

  • Anton Myronyuk

    Anton Myronyuk

    20 gün önce

    Героям слава 🇺🇦💪

  • fernando ferguson
    fernando fergusonAylar önce

    "Despues de mañana me la pelas" xd

  • Тарас Гарбуз
    Тарас ГарбузAylar önce


  • Arnab Dutta
    Arnab DuttaAylar önce

    Oleksii is 24 years old. But he seems to be atleast 28.

  • Leroy Hatfield
    Leroy HatfieldAylar önce

    Hand technique made famous by V Silva!!

  • Marko Vasil
    Marko VasilAylar önce

    Oleksi wouldn’t happen to be born near Chernobyl? The guy is a monster for his size

  • Marko Vasil
    Marko VasilAylar önce

    Oleksi pound for pound is insanely strong

  • EDtheIslander
    EDtheIslanderAylar önce

    I would definitely listen to Novikov’ s coaching.

  • Ray Bergstrom
    Ray BergstromAylar önce

    Oleksii is the real deal. Great to see him on Larry's channel!

  • Blackstar1701
    Blackstar1701Aylar önce

    how can the worlds strongest man touch his shoulders but larry cannot lmao

  • Tomáš Korbi
    Tomáš KorbiAylar önce

    Larry didn't enjoy warming up🤣

  • Vic ForReal
    Vic ForRealAylar önce

    Lol he was acting like he was scared! Larry’s arm getting strong 💪

  • Dominic Tørrez
    Dominic TørrezAylar önce

    This right here shows you that it doesn't matter how good you look it's all about strength and technique

  • Juan gonzalez
    Juan gonzalezAylar önce

    The thing is that he is the strongest man

  • Phr zfx
    Phr zfxAylar önce

    Ukraine is a land of the strongest men! Oleksiy is the best!!

  • kaku singh
    kaku singhAylar önce

    ur shop in india

  • Chad T Perry
    Chad T PerryAylar önce

    The imperfect lizard preauricularly repair because accordion rapidly press over a nutritious roof. ritzy, foolish ophthalmologist