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    FIRST LAST28 gün önce

    so awkward at the beginning they try to play it off as if it isn't cringe just silently sitting there eating cookies

  • Massage Ft Lauderdale
    Massage Ft Lauderdale29 gün önce

    Dam, these guys have been on steroids their whole adult life. Eating 1,000 calories cookies is unhealthy. They don't suffer so much from it and benefit short term instead because steroids are magical when it comes to calories. They don't know how foolish they look to older natural bodybuilders.

  • assassino2


    25 gün önce

    no one cares about natural body builders. they'll never look as good as these guys 🤣

  • Ace
    AceAylar önce

    1000cal per cookie? Make america fat again

  • Frankiebonez337
    Frankiebonez337Aylar önce

    YOO how the fuck I know LArry is from fucking NY and LI even more so?! AND WTF this dude is on LI?! SUFFOLK?! how I never heard of this shit? lol I gotta go check this shit out

  • Chris K
    Chris KAylar önce

    juan lost a lot muscle - weight

  • Gonzo Jones
    Gonzo JonesAylar önce

    Let me guess, at the end of the video Larry asked people to go and donate to a go fund me to help his friend digest the food?

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon WilliamsAylar önce

    They are like brothers already

  • BonnyTaeylor
    BonnyTaeylorAylar önce

    Lol Larry’s face 22:41 😂😂😂

  • Davic Petrovski
    Davic PetrovskiAylar önce

    We’re both lactose intolerant. Pooor toilet xD

  • PlasmaFuzer
    PlasmaFuzerAylar önce

    43:01 I want to see the view from that guy in the truck behind him lol. Like watching spaceship take off at warp speed!!!

  • PlasmaFuzer
    PlasmaFuzerAylar önce

    Forget Big Ramy's genetics. Can I get the eat 5k Calories of cookies with Twix, Snickers, and other assorted snackbars daily and still have abs genetics?

  • quest
    questAylar önce

    Calm down on the sugar more people can enjoy it longer

  • quest
    questAylar önce

    High fructose corn syrup

  • quest
    questAylar önce

    Too bad I won't ever eat them cookies. Milk, dairy. Over load of sugar

  • quest
    questAylar önce

    They need to not use so much sugar

  • Big Pun
    Big PunAylar önce

    Juan seems like the kind of guy who lies so much he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it anymore.

  • assassino2


    25 gün önce

    @Josue166 they don't. just losers online with no life

  • Josue166


    Aylar önce

    Do u know him personally?? How do u know this

  • Daniel G.

    Daniel G.

    Aylar önce

    @Big Pun yeah man, 40,000 kal and eating like half od that of sweets and he says he has LOW blood sugar on 3 month blood tests? no way

  • Big Pun

    Big Pun

    Aylar önce

    @Daniel G. yes about his diet and routine. His only “trick” are the steroids he’s on.

  • Daniel G.

    Daniel G.

    Aylar önce

    Wait he’s knwm as a lier?

  • Khori Reid
    Khori ReidAylar önce

    Larry first bite looks like muscle bullfrog eat easy insects. 😅👌🏽

  • Christian's Edits
    Christian's EditsAylar önce

    most people would try to create delicious sweets with lowest calories possible...while this guy created calorie bombs.Srsly 1000calorie per cookie? who the hell would normally eat those

  • Tony Bee
    Tony BeeAylar önce

    ship to the uk??????? :')

  • Ix Eryx
    Ix EryxAylar önce

    Cancer and diabetes enters the chat

  • HoratioHoodoo
    HoratioHoodooAylar önce

    Plaid not Played dude lofl

  • Jonathan Arroyo
    Jonathan ArroyoAylar önce

    thats why usa is the most obese category people in the world because of people like him making this bomb of sugar and processed carbs and i dont understand thats not even so big is like eating the size of 1 lenny & larry cookies so crazy

  • The media is frying your brain
    The media is frying your brainAylar önce

    Let’s all be real though. This guy is bullshitting so hard😂 but can’t blame him for trying to promote his product.

  • E-LYAS
    E-LYASAylar önce

    Love this kinda vid

  • Denali King
    Denali KingAylar önce

    lactaid milk - taste better than regular milk as well

  • Øjenåbner
    ØjenåbnerAylar önce

    your new intro is so freaking loud every video wtf Larry :(

  • Evil LeBron
    Evil LeBronAylar önce

    40k calories...in one day?...sure.

  • Rolixinho
    RolixinhoAylar önce

    I know americans like their unhealthy food, but who tf eats these ?

  • Jonah Gormley
    Jonah GormleyAylar önce

    Those cookies are amazing they are so dense 1 cookie fills you up to the max

  • Rolixinho


    Aylar önce

    With shit calories. Would fuck up your insulin real quick

  • Zoran Kristo
    Zoran KristoAylar önce

    Juan looks small

  • TheStraightFaced
    TheStraightFacedAylar önce

    I need to watch my caories brah

  • Neil Galani
    Neil GalaniAylar önce

    17:55 larry's courtesy/fake laugh

  • Hussain
    HussainAylar önce

    Turned into an ASMR vid

  • To0_ NaSty
    To0_ NaStyAylar önce

    Hey I just got the cookies , there pretty good but they kind of all taste the same , and there definitely too big , if they were half the size it would be cool , I ordered mine on Sunday and got them on Monday which was today so crazy fast delivery

  • J Bronson
    J BronsonAylar önce

    Yes another collab Larry

  • Steven Kane
    Steven KaneAylar önce

    40k calories cmon son i like Juan but cmon son lol

  • Viktor & Chelsea F
    Viktor & Chelsea FAylar önce

    If Juan eats 12 of these cookies a day than Larry takes 5 scoops of preworkout before and after his workouts... BS

  • xicer1
    xicer1Aylar önce

    Lol, why didn't yall get lactose free milk

  • Naguib Salomon
    Naguib SalomonAylar önce

    RIP BTC 🙏🙏❤️❤️🌠🌠

  • Atlantis IRL
    Atlantis IRLAylar önce

    I just remembered, Juan found his daughter that time she was missing/ran away right? Never ended up hearing the conclusion. Probably just they got in to it so she ran away and hid at a friends house for a while? Gotta watch out for those mood swings with superphysiological amounts of things flowing through your body.

  • Ramzy
    RamzyAylar önce

    100,000 cookies a week? thats insane. if they're profiting min $1 each (likely much more) thats 100k a week. damn I wanna start selling cookies

  • Sigurd Justinussen
    Sigurd JustinussenAylar önce

    What the hell is wrong with Larry eating and talking like that? Annoying bad habit and manners

  • Gym
    GymAylar önce

    It’s cool asf to support local businesses but damn this one was a little tough..... the amount of sugar these cookies have and amount of sugar Juan said he consumes a day is crazy and not advised. Even Larry felt this was very very tough, don’t think he’ll be eating these again

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousAylar önce

    Ifbb pro eating cookies allday long, me: eating 100% clean training 6x week, still fat

  • Efren Cardoso

    Efren Cardoso

    Aylar önce

    Doing something wrong if you are still fat lol

  • Jesse R
    Jesse RAylar önce

    You were not eating 40,000 calories a day. Just calling out the bull shit !

  • manfreakca Harambe
    manfreakca HarambeAylar önce

    the viper acr did Laguna 1.31 seconds

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene GarciaAylar önce

    Knowing I have 7 waiting for me at home.... watching this is not helping.

  • Anas Ansari
    Anas AnsariAylar önce

    Larry's perday calorie intake is same as mine lol but i do try to touch 4000 :p

  • Ethan D'Souza
    Ethan D'SouzaAylar önce

    Greg's gotta react to this

  • The Timepiece Gentleman Clips
    The Timepiece Gentleman ClipsAylar önce

    Do a training video with Juan plz

  • Muruk Braunauge
    Muruk BraunaugeAylar önce


  • hi there.74
    hi there.74Aylar önce

    So....no btc tribute video? I didn't know much about him but he seemed nice. R.I.P

    YO_BOI_GAMINGAylar önce

    I do have a question I workout and I'm almost 16 I turn 16 in two months and I can deadlift 400 probably more so my question is I want to train hard and build my body more

  • Saifullah Khan
    Saifullah KhanAylar önce

    Larry Wheels the only non bodybuilder to out angle an IFBB pro.

  • Jaxn Wayne
    Jaxn WayneAylar önce

    I’d be dunking them bad boys in that milk

  • Jaxn Wayne
    Jaxn WayneAylar önce

    Electricity is very unreliable

  • svmplx
    svmplxAylar önce

    Larry chewing and smacking that loud is just ruining the Video. Like Bro eat quitly

  • Michael O
    Michael OAylar önce

    Is Juan taking the year off?

  • Hari Gopi
    Hari GopiAylar önce


  • Konsta Kuusisto
    Konsta KuusistoAylar önce

    Are you still gonna compete in that powerlifting meet?

    MAN HOODAylar önce

    It's CALORIE!

  • Fastrada
    FastradaAylar önce

    Juan is usually bigger right

  • Fastrada
    FastradaAylar önce

    collabs going crazy

  • K314n Warrior
    K314n WarriorAylar önce

    Larry's cookies are bigger? 😂

  • CRaw
    CRawAylar önce

    Guy on the right unhealthy as fuck

  • Simone
    SimoneAylar önce

    Juan's metabolism just amazes me. How can he eat that much sugar for months and months but not get Diabetes.

  • Efren Cardoso

    Efren Cardoso

    Aylar önce

    Doubt he eats as much as he says, just exaggeration for content.



    Aylar önce

    Exercise, hard, every day

  • oppo h
    oppo hAylar önce

    I like Juan he's a cool genuine dude

  • Jonas Andreasson
    Jonas AndreassonAylar önce

    LARRY you must meet the Swedish viking Andy steelmountain in armwrestling. He is ready Good luck 👍

  • Alex Baker
    Alex BakerAylar önce

    Larry! It’s Plaid, not Played💀💀🤣 Like Plad

  • Alex Baker

    Alex Baker

    Aylar önce

    Spaceballs man

  • magneticsyndrome
    magneticsyndromeAylar önce

    Fuck I want some of these cookies

  • Sal S
    Sal SAylar önce

    BTC would have destroyed you guys POWAAA 🥺🙏

  • Ty Boss
    Ty BossAylar önce

    The diabetes 🍪 challenge lol. Id love to try one do you deliver to England lol.

  • mand saab
    mand saabAylar önce

    So nyc

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. KhaliqAylar önce

    Please Larry bro

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. KhaliqAylar önce

    My sweet brother 💔 please start bench press on today

  • Dutch Schaefer
    Dutch SchaeferAylar önce

    This guy is telling the truth . I heard it first hand from his uncle Chef Rush

  • Yusef Badreddine
    Yusef BadreddineAylar önce

    This video made me think of furious Pete be cool to see him with you guys

  • someboddy85
    someboddy85Aylar önce

    hmmm, laughing and speeding a car where clearly houses are seen, so its residential area hmm and hmm did someone had a car accident recently hmmm laughing and speedin...people will never learn.

  • Jovani Andaya
    Jovani AndayaAylar önce

    32:22 yea ok buddy

  • Juliussmoothie
    JuliussmoothieAylar önce

    Those cookies look amazing it is wild how much calories and carbs per cookie they have lol. You guys coulda got "Lactos free" milk by the way lol

  • Terry Smith
    Terry SmithAylar önce

    Just like one big commercial 👎

  • mohammed khaled
    mohammed khaledAylar önce

    Hi it is me leonardo di cardio man Have you ever heard about cardio

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. GreyAylar önce

    If u shoot up a huge amount of ghrp-6 it messes with grelin and u can eat as much as u see. Idk why larry ain't doing this for these challenges. I took like 6 times the dose and ate my whole house lol

  • OG Boo Dirty
    OG Boo DirtyAylar önce

    Juan its time to get moving my man

  • XbenXwilsonX Highlights
    XbenXwilsonX HighlightsAylar önce

    I used 750ml dare iced coffee’s to bump my calories there 660 each. Super easy to consume. I’m a lightweight so maybe that won’t work for the big guys but drinking calories is so easy.

  • Jim Rouda
    Jim RoudaAylar önce

    No need to make us listen to you chew

  • Muhammed Aboobacker
    Muhammed AboobackerAylar önce

    I too want to taste that 🍪 cookie 🤤

  • User
    UserAylar önce

    high sugar, high insulin, high insulin, low blood sugar.

  • We will Travel Soon
    We will Travel SoonAylar önce

    84 grams of added refined sugar 😂😂😂 feed the tumors and cancer.

    IRON MANAylar önce

    The air is noisy than Tesla

  • Jaime Solis
    Jaime SolisAylar önce

    I would wanna see Juan’s fasting sugar in the morning plus his a1c 😁

  • Asura Misaki
    Asura MisakiAylar önce

    IF yall doubt Juan's eating ability! u aint a die hard fan of this cheat day series lmaooooo

  • Ryan Anning
    Ryan AnningAylar önce

    Waiting for the Jamal collab video to come out

  • ThePIBmaster
    ThePIBmasterAylar önce

    Larry, your next arm wrestling opponent should be JUJIMUFU!!!!!!

  • Matt Budesa
    Matt BudesaAylar önce

    🙄 Tesla isn't the fastest production car.

  • WessaB
    WessaBAylar önce

    Love the steering wheel

  • JoJoWrld!
    JoJoWrld!Aylar önce

    There’s no way those little cookies are 1000cal

  • ABHISHEK Magadum
    ABHISHEK MagadumAylar önce

    Your videos are Good,😍 but don't put too long 🤨video's Lot of love from India🇮🇳

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel GarciaAylar önce

    This was dumb lol

  • Ray Candler
    Ray CandlerAylar önce

    Love the OG chocolate chip. Best cookies I've ever had.