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  • DJ
    DJAylar önce

    I was LITERALLY sitting at table watching this finishing off a family size bag of Cheetos! Speaking straight at me.

  • The Boyfriend Of Your Wife

    The Boyfriend Of Your Wife

    Aylar önce

    @MdoubleHB Apologize yourself for your insolent nonsense and then erase your account and yourself.

  • MdoubleHB


    Aylar önce

    @Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius Apologize yourself for your insolent nonsense and then delete your account and yourself.

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Aylar önce

    @MdoubleHB 🤣🤡🤡

  • MdoubleHB


    Aylar önce

    @Rich Sharp Apologize yourself for your insolent nonsense and then delete your account and yourself.

  • Rich Sharp

    Rich Sharp

    Aylar önce

    @MdoubleHB what !!!!!????? Your mom totally lied 🤥 to me. She said you were only ten.!!!!!

  • Jacob Haley
    Jacob Haley14 gün önce

    i love watching strongman when is his first competition

  • My Name?
    My Name?16 gün önce

    Pretty sure I could beat both. My grip strength skyrocketed when I was 13 or so. So cant figure out why since I dont even work out

  • Richard Cerritelli
    Richard Cerritelli17 gün önce

    So what if you are bench only guy who cares about a stupid Squad deadlift I got my Jack if I get a flat tire love the bench press apparently everybody else does I bench big can't squat or deadlift and I'm very popular for my big bench Julius keep up the good work you're number one in my book

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson18 gün önce

    Just get that squat up and start dunking at your current weight Julz. Be fire.

  • real limited
    real limited23 gün önce

    Lol i love how competitive julius is he chalked up and started breathing in for that gripper

  • Gary jon Mendonca
    Gary jon Mendonca26 gün önce

    Steroid gathering whoopie.

    ROLLER SKATE MUSIC27 gün önce

    Awrsome collab

  • jj king
    jj king29 gün önce

    They better bench

  • MOOSE 31113
    MOOSE 3111329 gün önce

    How dedicated he is to his bench and destroying any idea of what people thought was possible with his countless WR breaking presses. I know we all want to see him press 800lbs, but when he said when he's done he is going to go into squat and deadlift, with that dedication? Watch out!

  • Charles Yaryan
    Charles YaryanAylar önce

    i wanna see Brian Shaw try this

  • g405t
    g405tAylar önce

    But he doesn't have the technique down on gripping the grip machine....where you use your thumb on your finger/s.

  • Dante DeMello
    Dante DeMelloAylar önce

    lol julius didn’t use his thumb

  • Golden State Warriors
    Golden State WarriorsAylar önce

    Julius' left hand grip is actually pretty crazy considering he got 111 without even incorporating his thumb.

  • hehehhe
    hehehheAylar önce

    When I first tuned in, Julius scared me. Now I’m so inspired. Guy is a legend

  • Malik
    MalikAylar önce

    That intro is fire AF!!

    NIPURN TRIVEDIAylar önce

    2023 Rock or Dwayne Johnson

  • Craig J
    Craig JAylar önce

    correction on novikov hes not even 300lbs and won wsm

  • Lucus Curry
    Lucus CurryAylar önce

    I'd train with both of y'all 💪🏿💪🏿

  • Ronel Delgado
    Ronel DelgadoAylar önce

    The technique the dubai guy teached him

  • Action figures collections
    Action figures collectionsAylar önce

    Julius is stronger then Larry Julius is more real and more natural Larry takes lots of steroids am pretty sure Julius takes steroids too but Larry takes more steroids Julius is more natural and more stronger.

  • Nabil Elbaloui
    Nabil ElbalouiAylar önce

    If Dianabol was a person it will be Jullius Maddox

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The CyborgAylar önce

    0:46 Larry's smile there is hiding the expression of pure disgust at how strong some people are without even trying.

  • Cosmic Billy
    Cosmic BillyAylar önce

    What are these things called? Where do i buy one? I want to test my grip compared to them haha

  • Jamey Ensley
    Jamey EnsleyAylar önce

    Go Kentucky boy!!!! Representing us well.

  • Raul Solis - DOC
    Raul Solis - DOCAylar önce

    i would love to train with Julius anytime.

  • Cam Ikeard
    Cam IkeardAylar önce

    Bring that squeezer to ky, ill squeeze the spring off that thing

  • Vikash Kumar
    Vikash KumarAylar önce

    Maddox is like 2 of the wheels will fit in him..he is that huge

  • Avaiz cooking
    Avaiz cookingAylar önce

    I don't understand y Larry is not competing and wasting his ability

  • Donovan Chilindi
    Donovan ChilindiAylar önce

    Would be awesome to workout with 1 of them guys

  • WZ912
    WZ912Aylar önce

    OMGLOL!.......I love these 2

    BOZHIDARAylar önce

    Larry what is Levan Saginashvili diet routine?

  • Savio Marius
    Savio MariusAylar önce

    Julius maddox is a giant in front of Larry.

  • Ch.Bilal.QA. Khaliq
    Ch.Bilal.QA. KhaliqAylar önce

    Brother 💕 records is your finger ☝ tip ....so please please my request to avoid hand wrestling...please proper powerlifting...its brother request 💕

  • Rich Sharp
    Rich SharpAylar önce

    Larry. With all your resources and doing so much for the arm wrestling community... you should see about getting a over the top 2 movie going. Man that would be Epic!! First one was good but now there is sooooooo many people into arm wrestling since you started getting involved. Powerlifters. Strongman. Bodybuilding etc. you know sooo many people ... back in the day not many were into arm wrestling...but now. It’s crazy exciting

  • Lyndon Sadie
    Lyndon SadieAylar önce

    I love this brother. Real talker.

  • SVMuscle
    SVMuscleAylar önce

    im excited to see what he can do with the rest of the lifts

  • Mutch Dorse
    Mutch DorseAylar önce

    Thanks Larry love you bro

  • Hendy
    HendyAylar önce

    love the friendly competitiveness

  • Xonsquie
    XonsquieAylar önce

    At 10:53 when he said “for you who are just sitting down on the coach eating Cheetos” i was like shit… I’m literally on the coach with a big bag of hot Cheetos that I finished like 15 mins ago

  • MrArrex
    MrArrexAylar önce

    Don't forget about the death grip 🤣.

  • Daniel Esquivel
    Daniel EsquivelAylar önce

    School boy has enter the chat

  • xi tan
    xi tanAylar önce

    No bench video yet

  • Tehran Tee Jones
    Tehran Tee JonesAylar önce

    When will we see the full Bench session

  • 90sLifter
    90sLifterAylar önce

    Crazy for his first time doing grip.

  • ADHD Productions
    ADHD ProductionsAylar önce

    So happy to see this colab I love Julius

  • Federico Nuñez Avila
    Federico Nuñez AvilaAylar önce

    I want Larry and Goku now

  • Josh Gies
    Josh GiesAylar önce

    Would work better if his hand fit in it...

  • Bashom Haith
    Bashom HaithAylar önce

    Shit I’ll come train with you big fella😁 only 190 but we can make it work

  • Tony Robins
    Tony RobinsAylar önce

    My mums grip is stronger. I used to watch her carry 20 bags of shopping without changing hands ✊

  • lowkey_fla
    lowkey_flaAylar önce

    Great collaboration 🦾

  • Anton
    AntonAylar önce

    Larry back in the us really breathed some freshness into his content

  • Kaif Khawaja
    Kaif KhawajaAylar önce

    Thank you Larry for your vids man honestly gives me motivation to workout! I remember the first grip video you done got me to train my grip too 😂

  • FatManEirik
    FatManEirikAylar önce

    Julius looking at Larry. This is my channel now.

    ROCKKIN ROBBINAylar önce

    Laletin has 152 or 153 kg ) ) Julius seems a nice guy ) thnx

    FREDDIE REAGANAylar önce


  • CMB
    CMBAylar önce

    “WHO IS GRIP IS STRONGER?” ... like what? It’s whose*

  • corvettez098
    corvettez098Aylar önce

    How about you test a 13 year old male that just discovered himself 😅😂🤣

  • RockyLuciano
    RockyLucianoAylar önce

    naw he won at 290 not no 350

  • CrimsonMido
    CrimsonMidoAylar önce

    Has anyone ever had his PR -Pre Workout?

  • CrimsonMido
    CrimsonMidoAylar önce

    Larry asked him about a buffet no? Then J started talking about weight

  • Jason
    JasonAylar önce


  • Devil Larratt
    Devil LarrattAylar önce

    Larrys grip strength has improved a lot since armwrestling

  • Ryan S
    Ryan SAylar önce

    Ey, i sit on the couch and eat cheetos. But i do go to the gym

    SHARP GYMAylar önce

    Mai done kar diya

  • None Nothing
    None NothingAylar önce


  • herohunter81
    herohunter81Aylar önce

    8:27 If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam SanchezAylar önce

    Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Jesus is coming soon. The Bible says "...Today is the day of salvation." 2 Corinthians 6:2 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10 : 9 Jesus shed His blood on the cross and died for the forgiveness of our sins. God raised Jesus from the dead three days later. Jesus is at the right hand of God interceding for us. Romans 8 : 34

  • Sebastian Szabo
    Sebastian SzaboAylar önce

    I think what is more special about Larry is that he is giving more credit to the guys Who are featured on his channel. He is like a host to all special human beings.

  • Karate Chap
    Karate ChapAylar önce


  • And Justice 4 All
    And Justice 4 AllAylar önce

    I have been watching Julius for a minute. He hasn't had professional trainin!!??! He is going to be waaaaay too strong when he gets professional training sheeeessh

  • Derek Thorpe

    Derek Thorpe

    Aylar önce

    He hasn't had squat and deadlift specific programming in his reading he said. All focused on bench do he can hit that huge in meets.

  • lytken
    lytkenAylar önce

    julius really need to get more lean ore his joint may give up at some point, and then he han not go into Strongman

    KING SISQOAylar önce

    What are these exact ones called? I want to measure my mortal strength vs the demi-gods



    Aylar önce

    Search hand grip dynamometer

  • Tom Balino
    Tom BalinoAylar önce

    Good vibes here brah Julius is a good guy

  • Nathaniel Cummings
    Nathaniel CummingsAylar önce


  • Alex Terzi
    Alex TerziAylar önce

    The Big Larry.

  • Noname Ma
    Noname MaAylar önce

    We miss BTC

  • Loading NY
    Loading NYAylar önce

    This is a goat collab 🔥

  • John Babatola
    John BabatolaAylar önce


  • Paolo Oliveros
    Paolo OliverosAylar önce

    225 flat amrap

  • Cheffy Johnson
    Cheffy JohnsonAylar önce

    This Grip tester is throwing me off. Larry did the captains if crush, which are suppose to be over 250lbs. Why is this thing saying 228lbs?

  • Trevor Martinz
    Trevor MartinzAylar önce

    Larry is a goat, he practices grip strength in his own bed, u know the lotion staff 😂

  • An Architect L
    An Architect LAylar önce

    all those rioted up influencers will die early. thats including you LARRY.

  • Ezekiel Jarek
    Ezekiel JarekAylar önce

    Cameraman can't focus the camera...

  • down bad
    down badAylar önce

    8:47 "if you are the strongest in the room, you are in the wrong room"

  • Azyle
    AzyleAylar önce

    Maddox is well spoken mahn

  • Mikaere
    MikaereAylar önce

    Really cool vibe between these two, so natural. Can't wait to see them in future videos competing with eachother 🙏🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • My pfp is what our phone sees
    My pfp is what our phone seesAylar önce

    julius is really enteraining lmaoo

  • Dat_dirty_g37
    Dat_dirty_g37Aylar önce

    Im still wanting that CT Fletcher calibration

  • G B
    G BAylar önce

    Video title should be Whose grip instead of Who's (who is) grip.

  • Abdullah Mohideen
    Abdullah MohideenAylar önce

    Major props to Larry! He lets his guests speak their hearts out. A rare quality even among the popular interviewers/ talk show hosts etc. I keep Larry's channel open on my browser often just to view some uplifting content on a daily basis. More power to you Larry.

  • Tony Nilsson
    Tony NilssonAylar önce

    Why Julius dont use his thumbs??? He will get more then for sure.

  • duane fryberger
    duane frybergerAylar önce

    If Larry someday can get 265-270 on the hand dynamometer, he would have a real good shot closing the COCs 3.5 grippers. That would be another serious accomplishment that he would achieved, especially certified, he is really not that far off!

  • Will Jewell
    Will JewellAylar önce

    Repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ. 2000 years ago he died for you because he loved you and he’s coming back soon to take his followers! God bless you!

  • countdown54321
    countdown54321Aylar önce

    here I thought grip training would lead to armwrestling

  • Mickael Emman
    Mickael EmmanAylar önce

    Julius is 6’3 but look taller.

  • Still Living
    Still LivingAylar önce

    this collab fire

    DARK BUDHAAylar önce


  • Andy
    AndyAylar önce

    What's even crazier, Vitaly has higher numbers than these 2 men who are some of the strongest men in the entire world, and Khaled has even higher numbers than Vitaly and even higher than all the strongest strongmen in the world AND he didn't train for it, lmaoooo. Imagine having that super power and then choosing MMA instead of strength sports 😭😭💀 some people are extremely gifted but dumb af

  • Alzy M

    Alzy M

    Aylar önce

    No Khaled does not have higher numbers than Vitaly. That's a myth perpetuated by you Khaled fanboys. Vitaly has a stronger grip result in both arms. Also it's not crazy that Vitaly has higher numbers on this grip test, have you seen the dudes hands? he has long af hands, and has been an armwrestler for many years.

    SETH ROLLINSAylar önce

    That's no O larry....its zero