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Larry Wheels: larrywheels


  • Commander GrabHands
    Commander GrabHands5 saatler önce

    You will need to gain about 100lbs of fat to compete with those guys. Recovery and the leavrage you have with that extra fat goes a long way in Strongman...

  • Joseph Cifuentes
    Joseph Cifuentes3 gün önce

    Go to strongman soon

  • Scott Thorpe
    Scott Thorpe17 gün önce

    I hope you do push hard to do bodybuilding and put in as much effort in the bodybuilding as you did into powerlifting as I want to see you is big as what Andrew Jacked is. As I think you would look awesome even though you look damn good now. I also have good genetics and can take time off and still keep the look of my body and muscle mass, what I've got of it anyway. I just lose a better strength and my coordination doing exercises goes to crap but it doesn't take long to get that back. I just wish I could put on muscle mass as easily as you do. So please put in 110% so we can see how big you can get doing bodybuilding.

  • Anders Hoff
    Anders Hoff23 gün önce

    Strongman>Bodybuilder. Larry couldn't compete. THE END.

  • Nishen Naidoo
    Nishen Naidoo26 gün önce

    I thought DEREK from more plates more dates

  • 私はクソな中国人です
    私はクソな中国人です28 gün önce

    Larry lives in dubai? But why?

  • The Strength Classroom
    The Strength Classroom29 gün önce

    Are you the only person in the gym? I can hear a pin drop lol

  • 9 6
    9 6Aylar önce

    If larry takes 2 yrs off does yoga can lift and challenge the joints, cns n be stronger

  • Michael Kuriakose
    Michael KuriakoseAylar önce

    The real GOKU 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dominic Tørrez
    Dominic TørrezAylar önce

    Stick with what's better for you I knew strongmen wasn't for you your not built for that level your still young getting injury like that in that little amount of time

  • Den 777
    Den 777Aylar önce

    Good Larry in the end it will harm you.

  • Borém Nogueira
    Borém NogueiraAylar önce

    Focus on armwrestling :)

  • Finn .wessemius
    Finn .wessemiusAylar önce

    Keep on growing my guy! Ur my motivation!

    9.890.980 viewsAylar önce

    stick to powerlifting bro thats where u belong

  • E. Simon
    E. SimonAylar önce

    Hit Calves !

  • Mr. Footlose
    Mr. FootloseAylar önce

    decided to stop doing strongman , because he is afraid to take a risk, honestly no where near as strong the real strongmen, and honestly I think he quit because he was not winning

  • Govind Raj
    Govind RajAylar önce

    Go to skill paster

  • Conan the Barbarian
    Conan the BarbarianAylar önce

    Wise choice Larry wheels we want you around for as long as possible..

  • Callum C
    Callum CAylar önce

    You would have to get fat. Not worth it.

  • Puneet Budhwar
    Puneet BudhwarAylar önce

    Don’t stop bodybuilding Larry 💖 from 🇮🇳

  • VRMusic
    VRMusicAylar önce

    Staying healthy is no.1

  • Wilford Brimley
    Wilford BrimleyAylar önce

    I'm about to get crippling elbow tendinitis and less views - Larry

  • Mr Man
    Mr ManAylar önce

    Strong man is far more dangerous when your as lean as this guy. He would need to put on some serious fat/muscle much like Eddie hall had to. He is not genetically gifted enough to be a strong man. He’s actually small compared to those guys.

  • Singa Binga
    Singa BingaAylar önce

    He will lose strong man anyway he is clever... Get money out if TRloft... It will pay for his steroids

  • Austin Schiefelbein
    Austin SchiefelbeinAylar önce

    Proof Larry's not a human lol bicep torn off and still has a better looking bicep then most of us mere mortals. Im rooting for you to someday get your shot at strong man because you are by far lb for lb one of the strongest dudes on this planet

  • Kasimir B
    Kasimir BAylar önce

    Smart decision about the strongman training. Arm wrestling with the big boys isn't without risk either though, is it? 😉 Good squatting advice too! 👍

  • cinema tv
    cinema tvAylar önce

    Safety bar squat and trapbar lifts and rogue bench (2 feet on bench) press are the best type of squat and deadlifts and presses for the general public. Combat sport nfl nba have been doing it for years.

  • go n
    go nAylar önce

    id still fuck w Larry even if he quit lifting for yugioh

  • Spawn In the 2020’s

    Spawn In the 2020’s

    Aylar önce

    same i like him for who he is as a man and not just for his muscles

  • The supreme kai zamasu
    The supreme kai zamasuAylar önce

    I think we kinda had a glimpse of the good old powerlifting larry. Good times, also don't even tell me about muscle atrophy, I haven't touched weights since march last year, i lost a lot of gains but i still have gains left

  • Joe Bot
    Joe BotAylar önce

    Strongman that do bicep work (that is not just a high rep stretch) always destroy there bicep tendons. Larry can't not work on his biceps; therefore, he will never be able to do strongman. And then there is also is absolutely terrible genetics for strongman - starting from his tiny little ankles, calves etc..

    MODEL AIRCRAFTAylar önce

    You are one rare strongman pound for pound. Honestly i can’t wait to see the day you become Mr. Olympia. I would say aim for 400pounds of muscle

    SCOTT G's CHANNELAylar önce

    Keep at it bro, no what I'm sayin?

    ENGINELIFEAylar önce

    Powerlifiting all the wayyyy

  • D Mars
    D MarsAylar önce

    Jesus loves you❤️ John 3:16- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  • Big Rob
    Big RobAylar önce

    Good you're learning

  • ImRoyal _
    ImRoyal _Aylar önce

    you could win WSM dude

  • eatu4tea
    eatu4teaAylar önce

    Man I can't help but think arm wrestling is just as dangerous no? If you snap your elbow you can pretty much forget about breaking another Powerlifting WR... Please train carefully bro!

  • Bdog Sinbad
    Bdog SinbadAylar önce

    Come back to powerlifting

  • Hungry Bird
    Hungry BirdAylar önce

    U the man Larry Wheels . Goodness prevails

  • sam rovins
    sam rovinsAylar önce

    Hey larry!! Come back to mount V please. Ty

  • Shaggy’s World
    Shaggy’s WorldAylar önce

    Sad... I was SOOO excited to see the strongman possibility’s......... BUT...... the future is finna be crazy either way!!!! Just keep getting stronger bro

  • first last
    first lastAylar önce

    he had no chance in strongman, not big enough

  • HashTagYTUser88
    HashTagYTUser88Aylar önce

    Great info about the straight lower back. Thanks.

  • andrej
    andrejAylar önce

    bodybuilding is boring

  • Scott Williams
    Scott WilliamsAylar önce

    I really respect your honesty

  • David Reuters
    David ReutersAylar önce

    Larry: is worried about injuries Also larry: doing leg extensions

    KINGCHAOSAylar önce

    I wish I can train with him I have potential

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph UjiadugheleAylar önce

    12:55, that is actually the right way for any body to go down especially at older ages, (anything above 25)( and for all ages in picking up any weight from the floor) to avoid a spinal pulp

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph UjiadugheleAylar önce

    Competitions are wsm, powerlifting or bodybuilding, choose one or else you just be a fitness-show buddy

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph UjiadugheleAylar önce

    Wheel, you torn your biceps last year. This is February 2021

  • Joseph Ujiadughele
    Joseph UjiadugheleAylar önce

    This guy gym like me. The only thing that can stop wheel is injury itself. Keep injury free as first watch word especially spinal cord - that stopped Coleman

  • jobeast19
    jobeast19Aylar önce

    Those legs are amazing ....... Pause

  • Paul Atteberry
    Paul AtteberryAylar önce

    I think this was a wise decision Larry I started bodybuilding back in the early 80"s and many of my friends went the power lifting route and after years of this they all today have injuries that prevent them from doing many normal activity's were as, body building you can you very light weights 20-30 pound dumbells for the pump 10-12 reps this will never hurt you quit the heavy squats and dead lift these are the one that do the damage, Good luck!

  • John Matos
    John MatosAylar önce

    Larry has the look and the voice and personality to become an actor or Pro Wrestler

  • nabil ghafar
    nabil ghafarAylar önce

    duuuuhh. of course. Strongman is super dangerous. Should have just focused on bodybuilding, arm wrestling. (maybe a bit of power lifting)

  • Corban Agar
    Corban AgarAylar önce

    I'm taking my talents to the Los Angeles Lakers

  • krisgrafili
    krisgrafiliAylar önce

    I've decided to focus on horse riding. -Larry Wheels

  • robert failla
    robert faillaAylar önce

    I think that leg extension machine appeared in the Shining

  • Mister Matt Does Everything
    Mister Matt Does EverythingAylar önce

    How can you stop something you never started? Am confused.

  • KaoKao
    KaoKaoAylar önce

    Larry hit that 700 bench

  • Square Biz
    Square BizAylar önce

    I can picture Larry Wheels being the next generation “Rock”. He would be an awesome wrestling figure.

  • wiley shipman
    wiley shipmanAylar önce

    Should’ve never been on that juice my boy 😭😭

  • Fred E. Sims Jr.
    Fred E. Sims Jr.Aylar önce

    Larry Larry you going to continue to get injuries all that heavy straining lifting weights Believe me brother I speak for my experience its going to catch up to you especially as you get older can't do everything brother and you shouldn't try your beating your body up and we know that you have PEDs to help you but it's still going to catch up with you if you don't slow down your young man you want to make it to your fifties or more and still have a high quality of life because without healthl Fame and Fortune is nothing

  • Psalm 144:1 Romans 13

    Psalm 144:1 Romans 13

    Aylar önce


    BEARLY_STRONGAylar önce

    He isn't build for strongman anyways

  • Jelissa Jamison
    Jelissa JamisonAylar önce

    So strongman is dangerous HuH and bodybuilding isn't dangerous lift heavy shit steroids shit ton of food HGH insulin and so forth HUH 🤔

  • LMC
    LMCAylar önce

    Jeez, your quads have got quads!

  • Colton Shilanski
    Colton ShilanskiAylar önce

    Came back hoping to hear he’s powerlifting again... 😔

  • S7EVIN
    S7EVINAylar önce

    its good that you did that, now you can focus on armwrestling only

  • zaki majboor
    zaki majboorAylar önce

    Sunday Paper

  • Ngannou's White Son
    Ngannou's White SonAylar önce

    Quit the roids pussboy

  • Heart
    HeartAylar önce

    Good decision health is wealth brother

  • hoe hoe
    hoe hoeAylar önce

    Strongman is the reason why Larry tear his bicep too

  • James Johnson
    James JohnsonAylar önce

    You know there's something wrong when your arms are bigger than your quads . Can't fault the strength though

  • Trylox
    TryloxAylar önce

    When u started strongman i was scared and worried for u, but now u decided to quit and i'm calm again thank u larry ;D

  • tinymahuta
    tinymahutaAylar önce

    To be honest you never even really started strongman. I love the content, but I'd rather see you specialize in something and be amazing at it than dabble in a lot of things and just be good at them. Just my worthless 2 cents.

  • Magnus Bentsen
    Magnus BentsenAylar önce

    9:50 i thought that was an lower back exercise machin, like and oppisit situp

  • Adam / Ducky
    Adam / DuckyAylar önce

    Gutted to hear but very glad your still arm wrestling, keep it up big guy!

  • Aysia Husby
    Aysia HusbyAylar önce

    Self preservation, good call you're to young to be tearing yourself up already! Get some good quality rest in while you have time! Take it as easy as you can!

  • DannyBigAF
    DannyBigAFAylar önce

    Larry stop being a dummy and just stick with powerlifting, Open your eyes and realize what you are great at

  • Muhammad Mutasim
    Muhammad MutasimAylar önce

    He might have tore his biceps from that tight shirt🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Strength Nation ZA
    Strength Nation ZAAylar önce

    All good Larry, 4 sports done, only 7996 left to do.

  • Mr-Sam-Jax
    Mr-Sam-JaxAylar önce

    that's perfect for you're bodytype and genetics to enter classic physics sir !

  • K A I F
    K A I FAylar önce

    Cant wait to see ganedi sparring with vitaly🔥

  • k c
    k cAylar önce

    Believe in Jesus Christ today. receive the gift of eternal life

  • Psychoz Portal
    Psychoz PortalAylar önce

    No shit lol


    Roids dont help in strongman 😆

  • Natardrack
    NatardrackAylar önce

    WOW JUST WOW, the best videos are about armwrestling and you are bringing top armwresterlers of the world, I can't wait

  • Ashish Kumar D
    Ashish Kumar DAylar önce

    No offense, but we don't want you to end up like Ronnie Coleman, Larry!!stay safe

  • Big Natty Daddy
    Big Natty DaddyAylar önce

    Powerlifting and bodybuilding is your thing man. You’re great at other stuff but cmon man

  • Jeager X
    Jeager XAylar önce

    700 pound bench 900 pound deadlift u good

  • dave foster
    dave fosterAylar önce

    Can't be doing too many things at the same time.

  • Christina Schell
    Christina SchellAylar önce

    Larry your amazing xoxo

  • mugen Eri
    mugen EriAylar önce

    glad your thinkin about longevity brotha. you've already done a lot of amazing things and id love to still be able to root you on in the sport. get better, get stronger and get big!!

  • dave foster

    dave foster

    Aylar önce

    If he really wants longevity, he'll have to phase out the PED's and lose 70-80lbs of muscles. He's way too big for his frame. I'm afraid the injuries are not only because of strongman training but a sign that his body cannot function well at this size. More injuries will come at this size and intensity.

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis CruzAylar önce

    I felt lazy doing leg day today but Larry just made me go crazy at it

  • Anthony Porter
    Anthony PorterAylar önce

    Quit strongman because you’re unable to compete with the best

  • Hadouken
    HadoukenAylar önce

    Is Larry doing open body? Or his weight class?..... I think he would do a kinda good classic body because of his quad bells are kinda small

  • Patrik Furberg
    Patrik FurbergAylar önce

    Focus on helth!/on you! Gettting welll!👍

  • Fancy White Soldiers
    Fancy White SoldiersAylar önce

    Hope you get better

  • Darin F.
    Darin F.Aylar önce

    Know you'll never see this but doesn't matter what you do man. Your inspiring to many people and have always kept it 💯with whatever you do, as well do everything with complete class and full effort. You're the man and I'll follow and support whatever route you go.

  • Catherine Hennigan
    Catherine HenniganAylar önce

    No more powerlifting?