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Larry Wheels: larrywheels


  • Joel Cook
    Joel Cook22 saatler önce

    Wowzahs! This guy is strong, he should make a lifting Channel on TRloft

  • Jarred333 tiktok Viral videos
    Jarred333 tiktok Viral videos23 saatler önce

    Damn Bro thanks alot

  • MrFoster
    MrFoster2 gün önce

    Nothing 7nder 600kg

  • 亗்ᗽ ꯐ Ꮮ ᎥᎥ ꯅ Ծ்亗
    亗்ᗽ ꯐ Ꮮ ᎥᎥ ꯅ Ծ்亗3 gün önce

    Why did he bleed ?

  • S Vota
    S Vota4 gün önce

    B12 - had me chucklin.

  • Lucas Iribarren
    Lucas Iribarren5 gün önce

    goku le gana

  • Richard Beau
    Richard Beau5 gün önce

    Not going deep enough for a powerlifting meet,. More importantly, someone who knows how to wrap knees needs to show him how before he shoots both knees out, and it will be over then.

  • Evan Winn

    Evan Winn

    4 gün önce

    Yea you tell him

  • Liam Brown Piping
    Liam Brown Piping6 gün önce

    Crease of the hip below the top of the knee cap?

  • Rex Lapis
    Rex Lapis6 gün önce

    Larry is a beast

  • Jimbo U
    Jimbo U7 gün önce

    damn bit late bro but for btc... to let leave your hair or a part to grow for him. that wouldve been an awesome tribute. stay strong bro. legend

  • Papa Nabri
    Papa Nabri7 gün önce

    Larry: Andrew I done it. Heaviest Squat ever Andrew: Yessir

  • daniel canteros
    daniel canteros7 gün önce

    .... solo de ver el video me duele la espalda!

  • Troy Johnston
    Troy Johnston8 gün önce

    @4:25 no shit Sherlock. lol

  • Hayden F
    Hayden F8 gün önce

    Larry, are you overseas in all these videos? Are you dodging the irs lol

  • Vivek Mehta
    Vivek Mehta8 gün önce

    Your Team seem to be very arrogant. I have sent you multiple emails for Authorised Resellers of your products but still no response!!!

  • Gym Citizens
    Gym Citizens8 gün önce

    after Ronnie, people shld start lifting smarter

  • rishabh tripathi
    rishabh tripathi9 gün önce


  • Mathias Florin
    Mathias Florin9 gün önce

    u ever thought of doing american football?

  • Deathstroke
    Deathstroke 9 gün önce

    I don’t care what anyone says, humans are beasts. A bear couldn’t lift that.

  • Alencar Junior
    Alencar Junior9 gün önce

    Made a mistake in last subtitle repeating the last before

  • Quiero Marketing
    Quiero Marketing9 gün önce

    Larry Wheels continuing to push the boundaries for strength sports.

  • Dipesh Gajjarr
    Dipesh Gajjarr9 gün önce

    Strong man 2022 !! Larry Larry Larry!!!

  • 2015 VIPER
    2015 VIPER9 gün önce

    That weight was literally around 60 kilos from the world record dead lift! AND HE SQUATED IT...

  • Brecht Van Broeckhoven
    Brecht Van Broeckhoven9 gün önce

    That 432 kilo feels a bit light, put some chains on there😂

  • StcK BuLL with JiTTo
    StcK BuLL with JiTTo9 gün önce

    it gets to a point when you gotta say is it worth it....ppl are going to tune in regardless cause this guy is a legend already but trying to get stronger and stronger is going to just make his life shorter and shorter....id rather see him rep out 5-6 hundred pounds and be amazed than see this and think damn how much more can the body take.

  • Giuseppe Lucido
    Giuseppe Lucido10 gün önce

    In the next video 432kg deadlift 💪👌

  • C-jay James
    C-jay James10 gün önce

    Always training on the nerve.. Not good

  • Suffer Me Not Radio
    Suffer Me Not Radio10 gün önce

    Be careful brother don't hurt yourself 👍👊

  • Suffer Me Not Radio

    Suffer Me Not Radio

    4 gün önce

    @mike ekim yea I saw a couple days later 😲😔

  • mike ekim

    mike ekim

    5 gün önce

    He did !

  • Ross Whitton
    Ross Whitton10 gün önce

    Fake weights

  • Tony Eatinsky
    Tony Eatinsky10 gün önce

    6:57 tears quad

  • James Lalthlamuana hmar official channel
    James Lalthlamuana hmar official channel10 gün önce

    I hrat ie

  • elevate
    elevate10 gün önce

    juice leaking from his ears

    I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:410 gün önce

    Psalm 91:1 King James Version 91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

  • Russell Lerner
    Russell Lerner10 gün önce

    Still no legs no calves no leg biceps no triceps no forearms he has strong ligaments and tendons but not enough muscle fibers for those body parts to grow

  • Krisztián Kulcsár
    Krisztián Kulcsár11 gün önce

    11:18 > badly written numbers. It not 392. Its 432!!!

  • SergeantJouke
    SergeantJouke11 gün önce

    Jesus crist larry

  • Fred E. Sims Jr.
    Fred E. Sims Jr.11 gün önce

    The problem with all that is is a whole ego because everybody wants to be strong but I'm telling you as a 62 year young workout warrior all you going to do is get hurt trying to always go heavy and heavier I know so many dudes from back in the day when I was working out that is jacked up now and had soldier surgery hip surgery back surgery and they came hardly move just because they want to be the strongest man in the world it's not even worth it and everybody knows now and they telling people to stop squatting so much heavy weight causes too much stress on your spine you do better doing front squats and get good powerful body and your core because he causes you to people more wreck pasture so it puts less stress on your spine and of course you're going to do less weight everywhere else is still young every time you look around he told his he told that that all that s*** to come back to hunt him if he don't be careful that's why one of those body builders or powerless is just got out the game he probably realize it wasn't worth his life and his well-being because the other steroid use and everything else that goes along with that game too they also unfriended on your health and your l quality of life

  • Scistenfrakken drukkenbergher
    Scistenfrakken drukkenbergher11 gün önce

    you are very strong, but in Italy it is a half squat

  • RyanNorthFit
    RyanNorthFit11 gün önce

    Larry, “you won’t PR every week, unless it’s within your first couple years of lifting” Also Larry- PRs every week for two years 6 years into lifting…😳

  • Idiotfigures
    Idiotfigures11 gün önce

    Damn! No joke!

  • yuvraj Singh
    yuvraj Singh11 gün önce

    I am big fan for u sir

  • Francisco MotivationalPage
    Francisco MotivationalPage11 gün önce

    How many KG do you think wraps can help you lift more?

  • Hebrew Hammer Lounge
    Hebrew Hammer Lounge11 gün önce

    All the gear this guy is on, shame won’t make it to 50

  • TopLift
    TopLift11 gün önce

    11:48 This was so dangerous for the spotters. When people ask me to spot them on squats lol. No I won't sorry not safe for me. Use a power rack with safeties set just below your squat depth dumb ASS!

  • Paolo Caso
    Paolo Caso11 gün önce

    5:13 bro what are you doing with your right pinky lmao

  • MutieK
    MutieK11 gün önce

    U are so inspiring me larryyyyy!

  • Darth Kadd
    Darth Kadd11 gün önce

    @5:42 why did he star bleeding? I didn't see his head hit anything. Was he really pushing so hard that he started bleeding? 😨

  • John Andez
    John Andez11 gün önce

    Looking UNEVEN

  • KnowledgeToShare
    KnowledgeToShare11 gün önce

    Where’s the depth at

  • Denis Sobolevski
    Denis Sobolevski11 gün önce

    if the depth on the first rep was proper, he wouldn't even manage the first rep...

  • Andy Shihan
    Andy Shihan12 gün önce


  • DreaM GH
    DreaM GH12 gün önce

    Beast among man 🖤😎

  • Soaring Beyond
    Soaring Beyond12 gün önce

    Knee wraps! Learned that they can help your knees super beneficial!

  • JoeJames
    JoeJames12 gün önce

    Did Larry drink 6 coffee's before filming this lol.

  • Khgd Chn
    Khgd Chn12 gün önce

    كم واحد عربي هنا

  • neosrt10
    neosrt1012 gün önce

    Dude this is borderline Superhuman Larry is the real Luke Cage.

  • C. Oosterwijk
    C. Oosterwijk12 gün önce

    The spotter with the girly hair fucked up pretty bad, weak position and help. The girl laughing would probably make me go apeshit at that moment so credits to Larry for being so relaxed right after beastmode and a missed rep.

  • TNM001
    TNM00112 gün önce

    11:49 wtf is going on here. the spotters didn't take the weight off you at all, look at the guy on your left, he can't hold 200kg like that, probably not even 50kg. even if the one on the right did catch it it would have imbalanced immediately...man this triggers me so hard lol. dude...get better spotters if you don't feel confident enough, i would hate to see you get injured because of stupid mistakes, they should have seen it coming when you struggled on your first.

  • Joshua Bell
    Joshua Bell12 gün önce

    You should play John Henry in a live action movie

  • Maury Johnson
    Maury Johnson12 gün önce

    You guys got it? You guys got it? You guys got it?

  • Thierry Henry the legend
    Thierry Henry the legend12 gün önce

    weight says 392 title says 432kg

  • Luke A
    Luke A12 gün önce

    "You guys got it, you guys got it?!" Oh yes, we've got 200kg at chest height each, NO WE HAVENT GOT IT!!

  • Ivan Ochoa
    Ivan Ochoa12 gün önce

    What horrible spotters. Look at the guy on the right, barely fucking lifting the weight and the guy on the left spotting trying to globet squat 400+ fucking pounds

  • Davon Morgan
    Davon Morgan12 gün önce

    Why is my mans head bleeding from squatting 🥸

    LOGAN12 gün önce

    Larry casually goes for reps on 900+

  • jazzle
    jazzle12 gün önce

    R.I.P Larry Wheels :( fly high

  • Ian Fitzgerald
    Ian Fitzgerald12 gün önce

    Lookin like a juiced up Russell Wilson

  • Blake Kirk
    Blake Kirk12 gün önce

    Fw the hair larry

  • MDC
    MDC13 gün önce

    Your spotters are absolutely useless.

  • Tyson DVnO
    Tyson DVnO13 gün önce

    This man is going to be remembered forever

  • Itsme3002
    Itsme300213 gün önce

    Stronger then most bodybuilders

  • Itsme3002
    Itsme300213 gün önce

    He’s got like strongmen strength

  • Itsme3002
    Itsme300213 gün önce

    Larry weels is like a 250 pound guy how is he soo strong XD

  • Gamerkingman Bruh
    Gamerkingman Bruh13 gün önce

    why are you going for such heavy weights with only 2 spotters

  • Jarod Williams
    Jarod Williams13 gün önce

    Why was there no back spotter? That’s pathetic

  • hassan alasmari
    hassan alasmari13 gün önce

    وحش يالاري ماشاء الله تبارك الله

  • Mackinator
    Mackinator13 gün önce

    Maybe get some better sleeves, those barely go over the knee..

  • Amlan Bhattacharjee
    Amlan Bhattacharjee13 gün önce

    Whats the point of going so heavy putting health to so much risk

  • Triek Ps4
    Triek Ps413 gün önce


  • JustJoel
    JustJoel13 gün önce

    This dude will squad 1000lbs one day.

  • Kronik
    Kronik13 gün önce

    11:23 smelling salts diligently roll back to their place next to Larry's chair

  • Dale wilson
    Dale wilson13 gün önce

    It only takes one bad lift and it's game over... powerlifting is extreme 💪

  • Markus Bender
    Markus Bender13 gün önce

    I would be interested to know what weights would be possible if you were to continue natural from now on. I bet the injuries would also be much rarer.

  • Matt Epton
    Matt Epton13 gün önce

    I’m sorry about the first comment, I didn’t know you were injured 🤕😔, hopefully your ok Larry..

  • Os English
    Os English13 gün önce

    The guy spotting on the right is an idiot. Just gently grabbing the bar as the other spotter actually put some effort into saving Larry.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 113 gün önce

    Spotters need to be quicker.

  • Damon
    Damon13 gün önce

    Update? How you feeling?

  • Natardrack
    Natardrack13 gün önce


  • Stafan Lumpkin
    Stafan Lumpkin13 gün önce

    Tell me what in the HELL does that prove. So what you can squat over 900 lbs. You should put a hook on you back and be a tow truck.

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon13 gün önce

    I can't believe you tried to hit that for a double. You're superhuman Larry.

  • Joseph's Workout journal
    Joseph's Workout journal13 gün önce


  • Race Bannon
    Race Bannon13 gün önce

    And it was HIGH as usual.

  • Triek Ps4

    Triek Ps4

    13 gün önce

    Exactly.. high as always. He really needs to go lower or use lighter weights.

  • John Sitoy
    John Sitoy13 gün önce

    Something’s off about larry’s neck i think it got bigger and fatter in a way that is weird (in my opinion)

  • Bromorgen
    Bromorgen13 gün önce

    Larry's face looking different too

  • reymond burgos
    reymond burgos13 gün önce

    Wow extreme video 📹 💪

  • reymond burgos
    reymond burgos13 gün önce

    You are so talented and amazing. 👀

  • LowCarb Bully
    LowCarb Bully13 gün önce

    Hang in there. Be careful. I had a dual quad rupture 19 years ago. Memorable quote of onlooker, “Oooh look, you can see his kneecaps sticking up.”

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson13 gün önce

    Those spotters need to wake up they didn’t seem to equipped with deal with this.

  • salvacion light
    salvacion light13 gün önce

    seeing larry doing this you can easily see that this sport is really his thing because of how natural it is for him. but I see him doing arm wrestling. and it shows that man suffers to beat someone

  • cor leonis
    cor leonis13 gün önce

    How come you squat so heavy but have teeny little legs.