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Larry Wheels: larrywheels


  • McBuffenFitness
    McBuffenFitness14 gün önce

    A really great deadlift session! Thanks for the tips as it makes sense to lather your skin with lotion to give it the vitamins it needs and prevent your hands from tearing easy. GAINZ 👊🏼

  • Barracuda
    Barracuda18 gün önce

    We need a Larry skin care routine

  • skir lex
    skir lex20 gün önce

    12:49 name of exercise?

  • Zomiin
    Zomiin20 gün önce

    I like your brand and think its a quality product, but please could you lower the volume of the intro by 30% its loud af compared to the video haha.

  • Select Sovereignty *Defend Liberty*
    Select Sovereignty *Defend Liberty*26 gün önce

    Pretty sad when V Shred shows up on a legit fitness channel. Get off my screen scummy fraud Vince.

  • Jester B8
    Jester B826 gün önce

    Moisturize your hands & feet 👍🏾

  • Olisa Ebuka
    Olisa Ebuka26 gün önce

    Big man you are strong

  • To0_ NaSty
    To0_ NaSty27 gün önce

    She's look like you can go in the pool with them for the ocean

  • RoyalCaoCao
    RoyalCaoCao29 gün önce

    Larry's deadlift and I have a lot in common - Heavy single.

  • Dr.sanjay kashyap
    Dr.sanjay kashyap29 gün önce

    Very strong man Larry G I want to with you talk please give me your whatsapp contact number

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve RobinsonAylar önce

    Larry has been so much more focused since he dumped the baggage. His deadlift form looks a ton better!! He was stiff leg deadlifting 900. Imagine what he can do now with the better technique

  • BoxingBeef #101
    BoxingBeef #101Aylar önce

    Crazy strong … but shouldn’t the chains be in the same spot for both sides cause one is more to left n even when u deadlift it u can tell dat one side goes down more

  • hdhejehwkaje
    hdhejehwkajeAylar önce

    Maybe I'll start moisturizing. His arms look good lmao and my hands always get messed up during deads

    DONNIE GRANDEAylar önce

    BTC is supporting you spiritually! 💪🏽

  • Mannys Fitness Fortress
    Mannys Fitness FortressAylar önce

    LARRY is the most explosive, leanest powerlifter I've ever seen. Amazing potential.

  • Panikindavillage
    PanikindavillageAylar önce

    Bro Larry’s looking frickin massive 🤣 hell yeah good luck with whatever your doing

  • സ്വാമി ശ്രീ തവള പൂറ്റിൽ തൃക്കുണ്ണാനന്ദ തിരുവടികൾ
    സ്വാമി ശ്രീ തവള പൂറ്റിൽ തൃക്കുണ്ണാനന്ദ തിരുവടികൾAylar önce

    Shareef kidhar he?

  • 5h0wReDZz
    5h0wReDZzAylar önce

    How the fuck did he do that 182kg was so easy for the guy wahhh

  • Damnn You
    Damnn YouAylar önce

    Please make a video on Devon vs Thor

    DADDY YANKEEAylar önce


  • MickieDsNuts
    MickieDsNutsAylar önce

    We all know you moved to Dubai because of the drug charge.

  • Angel Wu
    Angel WuAylar önce

    Aveeno sales after this video: 📈📈📈

  • uncharted fitness club
    uncharted fitness clubAylar önce

    Watching larry never gets boring

  • Quest For Shreds
    Quest For ShredsAylar önce

    Intro MUSIC IS TOO FUCKING LOUD MAN! good video

  • Pickle and Raspberry
    Pickle and RaspberryAylar önce

    so we all just took moisturizing as the key point in this video?


    Don't SKIP LEG DAY🤣

  • bdono555
    bdono555Aylar önce

    On the off chance you read this. Do you trim callouses? I been triming them with a big nail clipper for years and haven't ripped one since.

  • R C
    R CAylar önce

    Nothing wrong with moisturizing,💦....

  • Gimp
    GimpAylar önce

    i moisturize my right hand every day

  • Patrick Jenkins
    Patrick JenkinsAylar önce

    Thank You 🤴🏿

  • J 5.7 S
    J 5.7 SAylar önce

    I have the all black shoes and love them

  • Wilder Buerhaus
    Wilder BuerhausAylar önce

    Been lifting for years, one thing I do everyday is put on face lotion. I have a 315 bench and 405 dead lift. I have zero callouses and all I use is face lotion. Its your typical OFC neutrogena too. The wife bought it for me.

  • Zeke burns
    Zeke burnsAylar önce

    Larry how is the bicep doing ... do you ever have any tricep issues in your elbow

  • no body
    no bodyAylar önce

    I was getting worried on every lift because the chains were not loaded on the same spot on both sides of the bar

  • eamh2002
    eamh2002Aylar önce

    Since nobody talks about the chain attachment position at 10:30 I will. Gotta confuse the body with some uneven weight distribution :)

  • TheChickenwing100
    TheChickenwing100Aylar önce

    yo grime heads, ruff sqwad playing in the background at 4:10

  • Helios
    HeliosAylar önce

    Does Larry have his own moisturiser?

  • J Dot
    J DotAylar önce

    Larry “as you can see I’ve been moisturising” wheels

  • Up-State Strong
    Up-State StrongAylar önce

    I always new Larry was a "moisturizer..." 😂😂

  • Mango Messiah
    Mango MessiahAylar önce

    200 aint supposed to move like that

  • Taqiy A.B
    Taqiy A.BAylar önce

    what happened to taking out the slack?

  • Chinmay Moghe
    Chinmay MogheAylar önce

    Larry will you ever compete in StrongMan? I'd love to see you as a top competitor!

  • dethvx


    Aylar önce

    I remember him training for it around 2 years ago until the pandemic caused competitions to cancel and he decided to change direction. He even trained with Thor for awhile at his gym. Hopefully he decides to return to Strongman when/if things return to normal.

    JURGENMUHAJAylar önce

    Go for 700 kg you can do it Larry!

  • Daniel Landa
    Daniel LandaAylar önce

    You see that Glow Glow

  • Starrk
    StarrkAylar önce

    Make postage free to Australia or cheaper then $130 haha and we will buy way more shit

  • Delonte Means
    Delonte MeansAylar önce


  • Delonte Means
    Delonte MeansAylar önce

    God blessed Larry with his strength because he’s obedient.

  • Delonte Means
    Delonte MeansAylar önce

    Larry your the man there’s no one on your level keep leading by example

    I HAVE DREAMAylar önce

    Larry very sad why,!!!?

  • Róbert Tüske
    Róbert TüskeAylar önce

    Take your time, like in the water.

  • C-jay James
    C-jay JamesAylar önce

    Louie been talking about this since late 90s nothing new here. So many newbie kids follow Larry I think

  • Papi Yooo
    Papi YoooAylar önce

    Look at Larry, so inspirational

  • S J
    S JAylar önce

    Someone playing UK music in the background 😁

  • Junaid Mirza
    Junaid MirzaAylar önce

    Seeing Larry just sped through my max is just heart breaking

  • Real African Chief
    Real African ChiefAylar önce

    How the F can you look at Golem(right now) and say he is not a single digit BF? Some people need to buy a new pair of eyes.....


    Im noticing that the chains arnt evenly spread on the bar. Meaning there is more weight on one side. Just looking out for you larry dont want to injured

  • eamh2002


    Aylar önce

    AHh crap I didnt check to see this comment when I said the same thing :D Its more obvious at 10:30 than earlier too. Maybe they moved little by little

  • حمان hg
    حمان hgAylar önce

    انت اعور

  • A.J.
    A.J.Aylar önce

    At some point the back doesn't do it anymore and it cracks. How can you put your health at risk like that?

  • Jake Stanley
    Jake StanleyAylar önce

    Please take the chin strap off.

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony JacksonAylar önce

    Golem is another Synthol monster.

  • jeffdev C
    jeffdev CAylar önce

    No offence but why don’t body builders work out their calves these days? Is it a new trend

  • Tanmay Yadav
    Tanmay YadavAylar önce

    6:54 me trying to figure out tf is going in my life

  • Jordon hakkarainen
    Jordon hakkarainenAylar önce

    Those chains where annoying my ocd being off centre lol but still pulling like a king 👑



    Aylar önce

    Yea I noticed that, hes pulling with more weight on one side.

  • Bozo The Troll
    Bozo The TrollAylar önce

    Are you gonna arm wrestle golem?

  • akult isgod
    akult isgodAylar önce

    duane johnson wants to become larry wheels when he grows up

  • akult isgod
    akult isgodAylar önce

    larry the typa dude to chalk he toothbrush handle

  • akult isgod
    akult isgodAylar önce

    larry the typa dude to sweat liquid creatine

  • akult isgod
    akult isgodAylar önce

    larry the typa dude to eat a meal off a 45lb plate

  • akult isgod
    akult isgodAylar önce

    larry the typa dude to but chalk on his steering wheel

  • Pedro Liebert
    Pedro LiebertAylar önce

    is adam behind the camera ? feels different for some reason, i miss his humming

  • Edwín Rallón Cárdenas
    Edwín Rallón CárdenasAylar önce

    Grande Larry

  • Joseph Renteria
    Joseph RenteriaAylar önce

    Can anyone hear Greg's screeching voice saying "He is NOT 3% bodyfat!"

  • dethvx


    Aylar önce

    Yes! Hopefully Greg responds and uses his laser eyes to gauge his bodyfat %.

  • Manny _rom
    Manny _romAylar önce

    I wonder if he’s been moisturizing daily his skin is glowing

  • Manny _rom

    Manny _rom

    26 gün önce

    @MdoubleHB no one cares plus ur small

  • 42


    Aylar önce


  • American Echo
    American EchoAylar önce

    Instead of playing 52 card pickup it's 52 plate pickup for Larry

  • Mike Ross
    Mike RossAylar önce

    Nice hair Larry

  • DeepFriedWizard
    DeepFriedWizardAylar önce

    would wearing those like thin work gloves help during training i wonder? save your skin till comp kinda thing

  • DeepFriedWizard


    Aylar önce

    Larry just needs to get on that hookgrip lol



    Aylar önce

    No, you need to get the hands used to pulling

    ROWEL OFFICIALAylar önce

    Always watching number one fans idol from Philippines 💪

  • Beats Beats
    Beats BeatsAylar önce

    Larry wheel's aka baby CALF'S LMFAO

  • AverageLifter07
    AverageLifter07Aylar önce

    Not being a smart ass, but I still don’t think he’s single digit BF. It’s harder to tell when the muscles get that big. He’s very lean though. I’m not trying to take anything away from him.

  • Taylor H

    Taylor H

    Aylar önce

    Agreed. He looks f’n great, but I’d say over 10%

  • Oxblood Fitness
    Oxblood FitnessAylar önce

    Chains not even on the bar

  • Gerry Garcia
    Gerry GarciaAylar önce

    Havent seen a solo video in a while

    PANTSYRS1Aylar önce

    u have lose strength larry ? no ?

  • Larry steels
    Larry steelsAylar önce

    I always moisturize my hands with testosteron oil. It gives 20% extra grip strenght and glowing fingers.

  • Uzi1967
    Uzi1967Aylar önce

    bro you need to turn down the intro volume please

  • MarkO
    MarkOAylar önce

    That over under grip on dl is just a ticking bomb for a biceps tear

  • Carl Emil Carl

    Carl Emil Carl

    Aylar önce

    No, its not

  • Major Boyce
    Major BoyceAylar önce

    Can this man get any sexier.

  • Rich Jay
    Rich JayAylar önce

    If ya got the purple gear 👍🏽

  • Cody Smith
    Cody SmithAylar önce

    Get some socks on Larry Jesus 😂

  • Zigg
    ZiggAylar önce

    glad youre taking good care of your hands bro, i know a lot of people brush it off like its whatever but hand care is important especially when doing movements like deadlift with the weights you’re going up to

  • HalloJimbo
    HalloJimboAylar önce

    Thats my dad’s birthday

  • Bram
    BramAylar önce

    Hey Larry, you didn't have to get the bar up with the jack for that 5kg plate :D 6:46

  • Freddyz Colin
    Freddyz ColinAylar önce

    time to moisturize

  • J P
    J PAylar önce

    Larry really needs to work on those calves lol

  • Cochino
    CochinoAylar önce

    Those chains are anoying

  • Descott
    DescottAylar önce

    The road to Larry starting his own lifting federation starts here. With fewer athletes and much more reasonable time elapsed between attempts.

  • Prepared To Succ

    Prepared To Succ

    26 gün önce

    @Isaac Segura speaking facts bro

  • Isaac Segura

    Isaac Segura

    26 gün önce

    @MdoubleHB full smoke, not even allowing yourself to hear opposing opinions and ideas complete devalues your arguement. Even if what you say is true, you devalue it by not allowing any honest critique. But go off ig

  • Luiggi Huerta

    Luiggi Huerta

    Aylar önce

    That'd be insanely awesome

  • Pierre Legault
    Pierre LegaultAylar önce

    1st time I've ever seen bent over lunges with dumbbells. Great exercise 💪 👌

    CILX ICSIAylar önce

    Solid Vid Larry. Hairstyle is starting to look naturally good.

  • MotoCzar
    MotoCzarAylar önce

    Larry: (about to deadlift a small vehicle) Also Larry: "I've been moisturizing every day so you can see I'm glowing"

  • Brandon Cuellar
    Brandon CuellarAylar önce

    What I learned from this video is not what you think it may be: Moisturizing 🙂👍🏽

  • Ethan Burnett
    Ethan BurnettAylar önce

    Thanks for existing Larry