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Larry Wheels: larrywheels
Tomek: zabetonowany_tomek
Tomek's TRloft:
Michal: bigmajkmikulewicz
Adam J: ajthepolishamerican


  • Dawid Sipowicz
    Dawid Sipowicz8 gün önce

    Larry nie wie co tam robi

  • the Buck
    the Buck10 gün önce

    Larry has an awful technique that let's them back into the match when he let's off the throttle to gain a different position.

  • Daniel Mordon
    Daniel Mordon12 gün önce


  • Daniel Mordon
    Daniel Mordon12 gün önce

    Polska GUROM

  • Mican
    Mican16 gün önce

    B.J. Blazkowicz ???? It´s you ?

  • jan kowalski
    jan kowalski17 gün önce

    Paleciok już ma pewnie milion subskrypcji hehehe

  • AS OKI
    AS OKI17 gün önce


  • Jerry Pollak
    Jerry Pollak18 gün önce

    He should meet with school boy ....Devon.... Khaled ....

  • __fokkus
    __fokkus19 gün önce

    Tomek vs Larry, but Paleciok wins anyway

  • Walt Kowalski

    Walt Kowalski

    17 gün önce


  • Agung haji dewantoro
    Agung haji dewantoro19 gün önce

    Pleas colab with jhon brezenk

  • Jim Beglin
    Jim Beglin21 gün önce

    Legendary Polish power.

  • Karate Kozak
    Karate Kozak22 gün önce

    I don't know Larry but because inviting these nutters you will gain loooots of polish fans,now we waiting for inviting Kieliszkowski 😝💪💪💪

  • Aaalemon


    21 gün önce

    Dude Kieliszkowski is strongman not armwrestler

  • Pieryyy DGL
    Pieryyy DGL25 gün önce

    Cały materiał obejrzany tylko nie zrozumiałem kim jest ten Strong

  • Skiera
    Skiera25 gün önce

    under the table Mike xd

  • Skiera
    Skiera26 gün önce

    głową do czoła

  • Srvsws
    Srvsws26 gün önce

    Larry Wheels I will meet you once

  • piotr salin
    piotr salin26 gün önce

    Very good video. Greetings from Poland

  • Dark Mirror
    Dark Mirror27 gün önce

    Didnt know bj blazkowicz armwrestled

  • Mikołaj Olszewski
    Mikołaj Olszewski27 gün önce

    To jest takie przyjemnie uczucie słyszeć na takim kanale rozmowy po polsku

  • Kolorowy Kostkogłowy Mutant Postatomowy
    Kolorowy Kostkogłowy Mutant Postatomowy27 gün önce

    Słychać, że inglisz na wyspkim poziomie

  • Lord Marchewka
    Lord Marchewka28 gün önce

    It's Polish John Brzenk ;)

  • Kacper Budny
    Kacper Budny28 gün önce

    Polska Gurą

  • pacman
    pacman28 gün önce

    Tomek vs Devon Larrat 👌👌👌

  • Marcin
    Marcin28 gün önce


  • Jivesh Donode
    Jivesh Donode29 gün önce

    I don't think Larry has a rest day

  • Mark Williscroft
    Mark Williscroft29 gün önce

    Khalid is a bum. Gets beat a few times at arm wrestling and his ego gives up. He just hides in the grip dungeon crying now scared to get beat! Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Bob crypto lover
    Bob crypto lover29 gün önce

    Nice to see your training with Tomasz :)

  • QUAVO'97
    QUAVO'9729 gün önce

    weźcie dajcie lajka żeby amerykanie pomyśleli, że napisałem coś mądrego

  • Rudy Straight
    Rudy Straight29 gün önce

    Where’s the link?

  • Daniel Cormier
    Daniel Cormier29 gün önce

    Polish power!

  • thecandyred1
    thecandyred129 gün önce

    15:39 Just imagine if he took steroids!

  • Divine
    DivineAylar önce

    Larry "your elbows must be conditioned" wheels

  • Isaac from New Town
    Isaac from New TownAylar önce

    Music: 0:15 ---> Formantx - Quantum Sonata 0:29 ---> Niklas Johansson - I Am Unbreakable

  • Krzychu BB
    Krzychu BBAylar önce

    Great material and good job guys. Good luck.

  • Mark F
    Mark FAylar önce


  • Oderwany od pługa # Iskra Podaj Dalej
    Oderwany od pługa # Iskra Podaj DalejAylar önce

    Elo Power Siła

  • Michał Rudowski
    Michał RudowskiAylar önce

    I love the episode but the english level (instead of AJ's) is quite awkward in some moments that I needed to skip some scenes. I'm writing about all of the episodes with Larry so Tomek was quite ok, but Majk go for some english lessons.

  • HammerMark
    HammerMarkAylar önce

    Larry will collect all technick all over the world 😊👍

  • Mr. Severus
    Mr. SeverusAylar önce

    Widzieliście tu Stanowskiego?

    OMAR TAILAKAylar önce

    It is not about how big the chest is it is about the motility of the shoulder

  • Bartosz
    BartoszAylar önce

    Polish power !

  • Patryk Cholewa
    Patryk CholewaAylar önce


  • Muhammed Aboobacker
    Muhammed AboobackerAylar önce

    His biceps look like my leg muscles. Uff

  • Hubert 003
    Hubert 003Aylar önce

    Nice video

  • iqqy Haque
    iqqy HaqueAylar önce

    That guy in blue tank top reminds me of joesthetics with the way he talks and jokes. Jacked JACKED version of jo. 😂😂

  • andi zultan zainuddin
    andi zultan zainuddinAylar önce

    then you can call Jhon Brzenk to your place ..?

  • jaro komeciarz
    jaro komeciarzAylar önce


  • C4Dado
    C4DadoAylar önce

    This is better than girls doing ASMR

  • El Peloponel
    El PeloponelAylar önce

    How say Paleciok: "Head to forehead"

  • El Peloponel

    El Peloponel

    Aylar önce

    Or how said Pudzianowski "Polish is mountain"

  • Rebecca Todd
    Rebecca ToddAylar önce

    Funny. I thought Alex Kurdecha was from Poland. He has an awesome Kingsmove.

  • Galvaxatron
    GalvaxatronAylar önce

    King's Move is legit as long as the spilling shoulder remains above the table. Euros need get over it. They're being myopic and limiting the range of options.

  • Matteo_
    Matteo_Aylar önce


  • Szymon 1234
    Szymon 1234Aylar önce


  • Barca Fan
    Barca FanAylar önce

    Pozdro wiariaciki

  • Mateusz Dudek
    Mateusz DudekAylar önce

    Czytam tutaj komentarze ale jak narazie mało jest o AJ-u jaką tu też dobrą robotę zrobił 👍🇵🇱 Brawo bardzo dobry materiał

  • Longer
    LongerAylar önce

    greetings from Poland!

  • Seattle Guy
    Seattle GuyAylar önce

    Your getting stronger larry

  • Mateo Rog
    Mateo RogAylar önce

    Tomek is the second strongest armwresler right after Napleciok. You have to invite him

  • Conor Hamilton
    Conor HamiltonAylar önce

    Gotta love Mike!!

  • Thanosaurus Rex
    Thanosaurus RexAylar önce

    Tomek is the best teacher yet. Built like a small building too! Lol

  • miecio1948
    miecio1948Aylar önce

    Good cooperation!

  • Wukong Skill
    Wukong SkillAylar önce

    Jest moc Tomcio

  • Nienazwany
    NienazwanyAylar önce

    Now Paleciok!

  • siwy_45 bratan
    siwy_45 bratanAylar önce

    polska guuuuroom!!!

  • Segal0227 DB
    Segal0227 DBAylar önce

    👍👍👍 Good job😃 fajnie się ogląda

  • DeTuned Art
    DeTuned ArtAylar önce

    Watrched on both channels ;) POZDRAWIAM

  • broo klynz
    broo klynzAylar önce

    Holly shit!Larry!That progress tho,amazing!!!!

  • Radostin Yanchev
    Radostin YanchevAylar önce

    Everyone have his story and right ways :)

  • Maniek Maniek24
    Maniek Maniek24Aylar önce

    Tomek is very good, but Naplethor is better and stronger.

  • Panayiotis Kyriacou
    Panayiotis KyriacouAylar önce

    Larry shpuld invite Oleg Zoch. the true giant slayer!

  • faaruu miah
    faaruu miahAylar önce


  • Josh Boersema
    Josh BoersemaAylar önce

    Why even wear a mask?

  • fredde johansson
    fredde johanssonAylar önce

    AInt gonna tell you what to do @Larrywheels but if i were you i would chill down with posting this much pub sport. 1 quick glance att your views and one can clearly see that this vids gets tiny amounts of views compared to your powerlifting and strongman views.

  • amante babone
    amante baboneAylar önce

    i dont like gym and hard work but i recpect this guy and love to watch videos from Larry, big love

  • MadLipz Jagd
    MadLipz JagdAylar önce

    Larry gets the best input on a world class level from all around the world. Its quite scary what he can become in a few years.

  • Vic ForReal
    Vic ForRealAylar önce

    He’s mad he can’t beat Monster Micheal Todd!!!! Kings move baby!!!!!

    ALEKSANDERAylar önce

    Taube (jurcxyszubxyv

    SPEC OPSAylar önce

    Great collab Larry 👍 This guy is top notch like you. Strong, passion for what he does. On a side note, the "King's Move" should be eliminated from any real competition. We are all in agreement, except for a vocal small group of people. No reason for arm wrestlers to check for under table gum during a real man's challenge.

  • BoyNinja
    BoyNinjaAylar önce

    Tomek seems like such a genuine good bloke.

  • Future
    FutureAylar önce

    Adam is annoying

  • Vicente Ramirez
    Vicente RamirezAylar önce

    Why is Adam so annoying to Tomek??? His jokes aren't funny anymore

  • Jacky Lau
    Jacky LauAylar önce


  • Jussy 12
    Jussy 12Aylar önce

    He looks like Kennedy from the side a little bit ...nice vid, try to invite Dave Chaffee !!

  • Sinking
    SinkingAylar önce

    I agree with Tomek. The "King's move" is a load of bullshit and should be considered a foul.

  • ツFrejn
    ツFrejnAylar önce

    Invite the best armwrestler in the world. Hes name is Paleciok!

  • Olek Walczy POMOC DLA OLKA
    Olek Walczy POMOC DLA OLKAAylar önce

    Nice to see when two stars of sports and nice personalities meet. Good luck both!

  • Иван Грозный
    Иван ГрозныйAylar önce

    Привет Ларри из далёкой и холодной России!

  • sławek śledz
    sławek śledzAylar önce

    Larry thanks for all figsts i watched most of it 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alejandro Carnaval
    Alejandro CarnavalAylar önce

    Larry bro your bad ass. You loose the first time you arm wrestle him then you kick in to another gear the next time and take him down. F*ing bad ass. Got me going off the pre before my workout.

  • Dawid Piotrowski
    Dawid PiotrowskiAylar önce

    Mike ma mine tam z ty łu jakby ciagle czegoś szukał xd

  • Radek Soloch
    Radek SolochAylar önce

    Larry weekend leć do Mateusza Kieliszkowskieg..

  • Miłosz 'Grzybek' Grzywnowicz
    Miłosz 'Grzybek' GrzywnowiczAylar önce

    pierwszy film z gościem większym od big majka

  • Radek Soloch
    Radek SolochAylar önce

    Kocur Larry pozdrawiam...

  • Spam Food
    Spam FoodAylar önce

    Even Poland recognises the ‘kings move’ as desperation garbage. Hopefully it’s demise in competition rules is coming soon.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    He's so disappointed Awa is not there.

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce


  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    @40:00 Larry: Ahhh. I FEEL THAT. Leverage is felt. You got this.

  • Rory Douglas
    Rory DouglasAylar önce

    Larry complains of having a weak wrist, he should be doing wrist curls several times a week, and pronation too. A way of getting extra wrist work would be to cup af when doing farmer's carries lol

  • Piotr
    PiotrAylar önce

    Polska górą

  • Tony Malone
    Tony MaloneAylar önce

    @23:00 the elbow seems off